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The Definition of Success

Mar 6, 2023 | Articles, Networking Tips

What defines success for you? Is it a prestigious title? A new expensive car? Maybe it’s the size of your bank account, a large 401k, or investments.  The definition of “success” is different for each and every one of us.  For me, I always viewed success as “the balance” in my life.

Some of the titles I cherish:

“Paul Della Valle” – a name given to me by my very proud and giving parents, who worked two jobs to give my sisters and I an amazing childhood – and never let us feel that we were poor.

“Dad” and “Daddy” – a title given to me by my four children, who have all achieved normality, responsibility, generosity, and kindness, thanks to my wife.

“Pop Pop” – This is what I called my grandfather. This is what my children call my 95 yr old dad. Now, it is the title bestowed on me by my grandson. Three generations strong! The circle of life going full circle.

“Uncle” – how I am referred to by several nieces and nephews and I love them all dearly. Yes, I am the cool uncle! 😎

Other things I am grateful for:

Friends – You know who you are and thank you. You complete me.

My car – it carries me from home to you, and thank you for always warmly welcoming me.

My bank accounts and 401k are healthy.

Your stories – you amaze me and, trust me, I have repeated them over and over. Every one of you inspire me every day.

I am a success and I thank you for being my balance. 🌹❤️



Paul Della Valle
Vice President
LeTip International, Inc.