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Member Spotlight: Rick Millham

Mar 6, 2023 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Have you met Rick Millham? Rick is currently the President of the LeTip of Doylestown, PA chapter. He joined LeTip in 1997, filling the Insurance Property and Casualty seat. In August of this year, Rick will be celebrating his 26th anniversary as a LeTip member! Of course, we reached out to Rick to talk about his time with our organization and he was happy to share about his experience.

Rick, tell us a little bit about your business.

I am a Property and Casualty Insurance Agent in Doylestown, PA, about 45 minutes north of Philadelphia, in Bucks County. I entered the industry in 1990, after graduating college with a degree in Business Administration. When I joined my father’s insurance agency in 1990 he was committed to making sure I “earned it.” So, he bought me a couple suits and ties and handed me an industrial directory and said, “Go knock on doors and make your way.” It was not easy, but I found out very early that I needed to build a network of trusted professionals, in order to become a trusted advisor for my customers. I bought a card caddy and started collecting business cards of top professionals.

How did you learn about LeTip?

In 1996, Steve Lusen, a telephone system professional, invited me to LeTip of Lower Bucks chapter meeting. I walked in the room, and it just clicked. This was the next level for networking and my path to success. Unfortunately, an hour drive every Thursday morning was not going to work for me; BUT, as fortune would have it Robert Smith Felver had just started LeTip of Doylestown in my home town and the P&C insurance person had just quit! Janet Brooks, from Brooks Tree Service, invited me and after the first meeting I put in my application! That was 1997 and I have been an enthusiastic member ever since.

How has LeTip helped you in your business?

LeTip has transformed my business. LeTip has made me a “Trusted Advisor” to so many clients. My files are full of wonderful clients and friends who are looking for a professional to advise them on how to navigate the world of insurance. LeTip has also given me a group of high level professionals, who help me work on my business, with professional advice and guidance. LeTip has also provided me with trusted contractors and service people, who will make sure I am serviced well, because we are part of the same LeTip family and we you don’t give poor service to family.

What do you like best about LeTip?

When we say the chapter becomes your family it is true for me. I really love this LeTip family I have developed. So many wonderful and diverse characters who are more than just business associates, they are friends!

You have been a member since 1997. In your time in LeTip, you have earned a silver badge and you have served on the board in several positions.  How has being a board member enhanced your membership?  Is there a favorite amongst the positions you have held with LeTip?

When I joined LeTip in 1997, I recognized that I had to work to earn the trust of this group. So my 2nd visit I brought a guest and passed 5 tips. I wanted to send the message that I was serious and here to stay. Within a year I was on the Board and other than maybe 1 year I have been on the Board the whole time. I want my fellow members to know I am not going anywhere and I am willing to put the time in to help them succeed. I LOVE being President and running the meetings. I love bringing the energy at 7:16am and helping everyone start Thursday on a high note.

What advice do you have for new members in LeTip?

LeTip is not a magic potion, where you join and the business pours in. It is just like regular business. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment. The difference IS that your hard work, dedication and commitment will pay off ten-fold with LeTip. It takes time. These members have seen new members come and go and they need to see that you are going to stick, before they give you their trusted business. So, my advice is “Lean In” and work. Be enthusiastic. Meet people. Give tips. Work at it and you WILL see the rewards.

Any advice on how to bring a guest to the meetings and what makes them join your chapter?

I think it is important that you don’t “pre-qualify” guests – “It is too far for them to drive”, or “their company is too big or too small”. After 26 years, I can tell you that I have seen it all and you can’t always predict success in LeTip. So, get them in the room and let the process do the rest. People join our chapter because they feel the energy in the room and they want to be a part of that. Smiling, laughing and clapping at 7am may seem scary at first, but come to the Bucks Club and visit LeTip of Doylestown at 7am and you will want to be a part of it. That piece is your chapters responsibility. Yours is to, simply, get them in the room.

Thank you, Rick Millham, for your knowledge, your leadership, and for being an integral part of our LeTip family!