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Member Spotlight: Arielle Galiano

Feb 6, 2023 | Articles, Member Spotlight

LeTip of Bell Works, New Jersey is one of our fastest growing chapters at 42 members-strong, in its first year. Arielle Galiano is a founding member of the chapter and current Vice President. However, this isn’t her first chapter. Arielle first joined LeTip in 2016. She spoke about her first impression of LeTip, “After my first meeting, as a young, new business owner, I immediately felt a connection to LeTip and knew it was what I needed to fuel my business. Now, a few years, I had the opportunity to use my previous experience and expertise to become a founding member of the Bell Works chapter.

In 2013, at 20 years old, Arielle became the founder and owner of The Cut Salon in Marlboro, New Jersey. The Cut Salon is a full-service family salon with experienced stylists specializing in everything hair from men’s and women’s cuts, color, styling and extensions. They are now in their 10th year of business and Arielle attributes much of the business’ growth and success to LeTip. She shared, “LeTip has played a huge role in my business’ success. It started when the members of my first chapter gave me a chance – they were some of my first clients and through their support and word of mouth, helped put my new business on the map. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses with LeTip and pay forward what my first chapter did for me.”

When it comes to what she likes best about LeTip, Arielle said, “LeTip is a wonderful organization that provides so many invaluable experiences, but my favorite thing has to be the amazing people I’ve met. My group is truly a family. Outside of our weekly meetings, we have quarterly gatherings and team building events, and I can say I’ve become personal friends with a majority of our members.” 

Arielle became a Silver badge member in the past year. This is an accomplishment she is extremely proud of. She told us, “I truly love being able to help other business owners reach their goals with LeTip and have built an amazing network.” Arielle added, “I owe my success to always having been a huge advocate of networking, especially among women owned businesses, and my love for my group made it so easy to want to bring new members into the fold.” 

We asked Arielle to share some advice to new members in LeTip. She said that inviting guests to meetings can feel daunting or intimidating, but she encourages members to remember how excited they were for their first meeting and how much of an impact LeTip has had on them, and to simply pay that forward. We, also, asked her to provide a tip or two for how she brings guest to the meetings and here is what she had to say, “My biggest pieces of advice would be to utilize your different networks – from family to friends to your business – to find potential new members. I also try not to give too much detail or have an elaborate sales pitch when inviting someone. I like for them to come see what we do for themselves because no pitch can really explain the magic that happens inside those four walls. I think one of the main reasons guests join my chapter when I bring them to a meeting is because we make them feel so welcomed and like they’ve always been a part of our family.” 

Arielle, thank you for being part of our LeTip family and we wish you continued success!