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The Importance of Giving

Nov 7, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

Did you know that being a giving person helps you fulfill the core values of LeTip, to follow one of our most famous LeTip slogans, and to promote one of the advertised benefits of being a LeTip member? Read more to find out! Throughout the past few years, LeTip International has focused on the theme of giving during the month of November. In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving during this month and it was also recently celebrated in Canada this past month. Previously, we have showcased members, chapters, and LeTip employees who have given back to their communities during what we have called our “Week of Giving”. This year, we would simply like to present to you an article about the significance of giving.

If you look at the dictionary definition of the word “give”, you get quite a long list of different meanings. We can see that to “give” is not just a simple action of transferring one thing to another person, but it can mean a whole slew of things: to give a gift to someone, to award or reward another person, to convey, to present, to assist, to be present, and so much more.

Then what does it truly mean to “give”? For us, it means to help uplift and support your local communities. It also means to make sure that the people you know and care about are being taken care of, including members in your chapter but also people you might have never met before. Random people who have suffered through a catastrophic event like a fire or flood. People down on their luck who need help finding their next meal. Children and teachers who need new school supplies. The list never ends.

Have you heard of “psychic income”? We tout it as one of the benefits of being a member of LeTip, and it is indeed a real valuable benefit! Psychic income is the good feelings that you get for helping someone and doing good in the world. All too often these days, people are so quick to ignore those in need and society as a whole is growing farther and farther apart. What better way to help us grow together by encouraging the world around you to give?

To give doesn’t just mean to write someone a check. You can give your time, give your energy, sometimes even just lending your ear to someone who is having a rough day is enough to change their whole outlook on life. Over the past few years we have collected food donations for those in need, fundraised for children’s hospitals, raised money for the Red Cross and those who have suffered through earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes. LeTip chapters have also taken the initiative to raise awareness and funding for their local community needs.

Don’t have the time to volunteer, or extra money to give to a needy cause? That’s ok! There are still more ways to give. Next time you see someone walking outside the store when you are coming in, hold the door for them. Give a stranger a compliment or a smile. All of these things can have great impacts on people you don’t even know. Giving goes hand in hand with what LeTip is all about. “Give, Get, Grow… Repeat!” is a famous LeTip slogan, and what is the very first word in it? “Give”, because in LeTip we understand how very important it is to give.

LeTip also has core values and while all of them are important, we think that the ones that relate most to the theme of giving are these: Integrity, Loyalty, and Excellence. A person of integrity knows that they should help people when they have the opportunity to do so. A person who is loyal to their community around them knows how important it is to connect with each other, which is what got a lot of us into networking in the first place. And a person who is excellent goes above and beyond, which makes you an excellent person when you give to others. To quote the famous philosophical musicians William S. Preston Esquire and Ted “Theodore” Logan, “Be excellent to each other!”


-Guest blog by Jarett Branch
LeTip Web Manager