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Fall Board Retreat – Guest to Green

Oct 3, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

October is time for the Fall Board Retreat (aka Board of Directors Training) and takes place this week and next on October 4th or October 14th. If you missed previous announcements, please register now on your LeTip Wired Dashboard in Look for the Blue Button that says “Schedule Board Training”.

This fall we will be focusing on some lesser-known ways the Board influences the numbers of guest at your chapter and the process of those guests’ becoming members and changing their badge color by sponsoring another member into the group – this is something that everyone agrees to do when they become a member. Use this training to energize your chapter into growing.

Some highlighted topics from training are:

    • Newly developed Email Editing system in LeTipWired
    • How the Sgt-At-Arms affects the quality of the meeting
    • Running a successful Inspection process for member prospects
    • Using the mentor relationships to help new members become great members

Remember, when you sign up to be a board member, you are committing to support your chapter by attending the Spring and Fall Board Training to bring the best processes and changes into your chapter.

October 4th 7:30 AM ET – 4:30 AM PT

October 4th 10:30 AM ET – 7:30 AM PT

October 14th 12:00 PM ET – 9:00 AM PT

Be a strong leader in your chapter by learning and driving these processes. If your chapter is stuck at a size that is not providing enough tips, join us and learn about what is happening in the best LeTip chapters nationwide.