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Why Should I Participate in Business Networking Training?

Aug 30, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

I’m a small business owner.  I’m busy 70 hours per week.  I’ve already joined a networking leads group that I’m committing 100 hours of time to this year.  How can I make time for training and why would I?

You are going commit 100 hours this year to networking – and next year and years beyond.  You made this decision because it’s going to grow your business.  You chose to make this investment in yourself and your business. The question should be why you wouldn’t take an additional 2 to 5 hours per year and take the business networking training that will help you get more from your networking group and make your group better salespeople for you.

Each year business changes, and your knowledge needs to keep up with those changes. 

We try to keep up with changes as best we can so that our business is utilizing the most efficient tools and capitalizing on those tools.  Your CPA takes training so that they are aware of all the tax breaks you are eligible for.  Your technology team takes training so that they can keep your emails, website, and internet safe.  You encourage your employees to take training so that they can be efficient on the machines they work on or utilize the new techniques for you clients. Business networking training is a must for anyone who attends chapter meetings, including substitutes to improve their abilities to build relationships with other members.

Taking the time to update your knowledge of networking will help you lead the company into more sales opportunities which will grow your company and keep all of those employees around to benefit your clients with the training that they take.

Back to Basics

Even if things don’t change, we do.  Sometimes we change the way we pitch our business, or the way we communicate with people around us.  Those changes make us more efficient and better.  But, as we make those changes, we sometimes forget the Basics.  We forget that people hear what we say differently because they don’t all communicate in the same style that we do.  We forget that because we are meeting virtually now instead of in person, we don’t see the leads that other members give in the same way.  That means we are missing out on the opportunity to share in that business lead.

We should all be taking networking classes that incorporate the best methodologies from around the county and around the world and that will grow our businesses the best.