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Member Spotlight: Howard Hui

Jul 5, 2022 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Howard Hui joined LeTip in December of 2002 as the Optician of the LeTip of Toronto East/Markham chapter in Canada. At that point, he was about 10 years into his career, as he started as a licensed optician back in 1992 and has been an optician with his own company, Image Optical for the past 25 years.

Since we are focusing on self-care this month, we asked Howard to give our members a few tips for eye care. Here is what he had to say: 
“Outfitting your eyes with the proper glasses is so important, more important than choosing the right clothes or having the right haircut. Your glasses not only give you the proper vision, but also help you present the business image that you want. Professional Opticians can help you make the right choice – for seeing clearly, for driving, for working at a computer screen for many hours a day, for outdoor activities, and indoor sports. In recent years, because of the amount of time that people are spending at a PC, or on their mobile phones, their eyes get very tired. Therefore, a special pair of glasses just for working at the screen – where the prescription is adjusted for distance – is often required. Lenses are also available with the proper filters and uv blockers, to protect your eyes under all circumstances. Describe your daily work and leisure activities to your Optician; he/she can help you choose the best eyewear for your needs.”

Howard is a seasoned LeTip member and currently serves on the board as Treasurer for his chapter. When it comes to how LeTip has helped his business, Howard shared, “Since joining LeTip, which is almost 20 years ago, I have met a lot of business owners in different industries and businesses. And through them, not only was I getting referrals for my eye wear business, but also learned a lot from individuals in the way they conduct their businesses and how they achieve success. It had been a very rewarding experience.” What advice does Howard have for newer members? “Rather than looking at the early morning meetings as an effort, consider all the benefits that one can gain, especially for new members who are also young entrepreneurs and business owners. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained from your colleagues at LeTip, as well as all the connections that you wouldn’t otherwise have.”