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Generating Leads, Setting Appointments, and Closing the Sales Through Networking

Jun 24, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

Selling is a learned skill.  In your networking group, you may be around some people who seem like “naturals”.  Let me tell you from experience, they aren’t.  They have learned the skills necessary to generate leads, set appointments and close the sale.  The weekly training that you can get from them (as a free side benefit of being in your networking group) can bring you unmeasurable returns in your business; but only if you do the WORK in NETWORKING.

First thing to know is you will not become a master salesperson in the next 2 months.  Neither Lebron James nor Michael Jordon became the best in their choice of endeavor overnight.   Everyone who learns a skill and improves at it must keep one word in mind.  REPITITION!

Some may say practice makes perfect, but in the real world, there is no perfection, only improvement.  Improvement comes through REPITITION.  So, as you think about your goals you want to accomplish in the next year at your business, think about how you are going to FIND opportunities to practice the skills you need to grow your sales.

Let’s start down the path by talking about a few ways to improve your lead generation.  You have joined a networking group, it should just start pouring in now, right. How much do the members of your networking group know about you?  They have met you enough to know that they think they can pass you business, but do they really know what type of business you want?  Start by using your speaking time in the meetings to clearly tell them what the best or easiest lead is to pass you.  They need to be reminded every week that you have a goal for the number of leads you need to generate in the group to make your ROI on joining.  Here is an example of using your 30 seconds to start the lead generation machine.

Hi, I’m John, your chapter’s Handyman. My company, Small Renovations, does fix it jobs that in a day can bring a smile to your families faces by fixing those broken items or ugly little secrets that you hide from your friends when they stop by.  Whether it’s the job that you have been putting off for lack of time, or the one that you don’t understand the YouTube video on, Small Renovations can get the job done.  Please help me this month to meet my goal to get introductions to at least 5 new potential clients.

In this short timeframe, you have reminded them of the name of your company twice (Small Renovations), made them feel good about the service you provide (bring smiles to your family), given them an idea of the type of work you are looking for and told them how many leads you need this month to be successful.   That is the start of a lead generating machine.

To learn more about the Sales keys of Generating Leads, Setting Appointments and Closing the Sale, dive into the training in our video library as well as the tools available to you with your membership through Codebreaker Technologies.