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4 Reminders About Thank You’s

Jun 21, 2022 | Articles, Networking Tips

The worst way to say thank you is to forget to say it. 

In our busy daily lives, the simple tasks that the previous generation found normal have gone by the wayside.  I remember my spouse having the kids write thank you notes for the presents they received from aunts, uncles and grandparents.  As they grew up, it seemed natural, and they continued to do it.  When you started your business, I’m sure you felt the same way and reached out to everyone who helped you with a heartfelt thank you.  Now that you are in a networking group when you all help each other, don’t let the good old ways go away.  Each proper Thank You will lead to another referral – this is the closest think to a guarantee there is in business.

4 Keys to a great Thank You

You just got more business because of someone you network with; how do you thank them?

First, do it in person.  Whenever possible try to say the Thank You to their face.  This brings all of the expression that you cannot fit into an emoji into play.

Second, be specific.  A generic thank you will be received generically. If the person you are thanking gave you a referral that introduced you to a new client who just signed a 2-year deal with you, then let them know that.

Third, say it publicly.  You are in a networking referral group for a reason.  To interact with people to let them know what type of businessperson you are.  If part of who you are is showing gratitude, then don’t be scared to do that in public also.

At your meeting, “I just want to take a moment to thank Julie for the lead she gave me last month which introduced me to Byron who has become a new customer for Tri-State Recruiting and we has already benefited by us placing 2 new employees at his remote location in Saginaw”.

Finally, and just as important – Pay It Forward!  Remember to REPEAT!  “Give, Get, Grow…Repeat” TM