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“Carefrontational” vs Confrontational

May 4, 2022 | Articles

I am writing to help you make sure there is a smooth transition between the old board and the new board of directors. Everyone has an opinion and the only way we can decide which is right or wrong is to view the bylaws. When in doubt open up an actual copy and read them. This is often times, an issue when a new board takes over and the old board did it differently or unusual to what is being done now. There may arise confrontation and we want to avoid that at all costs for the safety, wellbeing and loyalty to all chapter members.

Never be confrontational with others in your chapter whether you are a board member or member to member. No one likes the aggressive, negative person who is unwilling to listen and learn. When we approach anyone with “carefrontation” meaning you care enough about the member, chapter, listen and work it out you get so much more accomplished and with respect.

The definition of Confrontation: a hostile or argumentative meeting or situation between opposing parties.

The exact opposite should be the definition of “Carefrontational”. A non-hostile, non-argumentative, friendly meeting in the best interest of everyone in the meeting. Using this technique, you build a strong and loyal chapter. Relationships between members becomes stronger and the trust value is expanded due to the respect shown all around.

When people actually take the time to work it out amicably miracles happen. Think about the time someone gave you a bogus tip. In other words, a tip that was not warm, heck it wasn’t even cold it was dead! How did it make you feel? You probably told someone else in the chapter and they now have a different opinion of that person. They in turn tell somebody else and the tale goes on like gossip. STOP it!
Instead go directly to the person who gave you the bad tip and ask them to have coffee with you, politely.
Once sitting together, ask them if they know what you want or need from your chapter members. If they tell you what it is you need and want and they still sent you a bogus tip, explain to them because you CARE about your relationship with them that what the person did was not how you wish to receive business. In your mind, it was wrong and now explain to them what a great tip from them to you would look like.

Lead them, teach them and always thank them for trying. “I really appreciate you trying to tip me. That means the world to me. However, let me show you what a great tip for me would look like.” Take a little time to teach and receive a life time of rewards after you have clarified what a good tip looks like!

No one likes bad tips and sometimes people have had different experiences in different organizations. We have a structure to help and protect us. Use it!

Use the “Carefrontational” method of solving issues and life becomes calm with no drama or hurt feelings!