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Why Chapters Need Great Inspectors

Dec 6, 2021 | Articles

We often feel if we can get a friend, a prospect or even a stranger to our chapter meetings and they can show breath on a mirror we should jump at the chance to vote them in! Not so fast…who is this person? What value do they bring to the table? Are they actually decision makers for the company or told what to do? Do they make you look good to your client? You had better feel good about this person and know they are reliable and trustworthy. Now you might add, this takes time, but it all starts with the Inspector. In fact, each chapter needs two Inspectors!

Our Inspectors need to know how to VET a prospect. What questions to ask so as not to hurt feelings but to elicit real responses you can go by. Each chapter could have their own list of questions to ask but each and every time you do an inspection of a prospect we should be thinking about what it is that draws us to this person from the beginning. First, who invited them? Ask the sponsor what they know about this person and how long have they known them? Would they currently recommend them to others in the chapter? As often happens they may not even know the person they invited as it was a cold invite but you need to ask anyway. Talk to others in the chapter who met this person. What is the general consensus?

Make sure they meet the requirements of the chapter. These can be found on the back of an application. You should print out an application and take it with you to go over it. Never use the prospects private application but a blank one whereby you can actually sit down and ask each question on the back of the application. Why is this so important? Once they join and then refuse to participate in any certain areas you can go back and show them where they signed and agreed through you, the inspector to attend regularly, tip a minimum of four tips per month and to bring guests. It helps everyone in the chapter to know they have a responsibility to the chapter not just attend and expect tips to roll in. We need to be working constantly on the 80/20 rule where 80% of our members are actively participating and eventually the 20% not working will be replaced with those that will. This is the best guarantee for the entire chapter to be making the kind of money they had hoped to from the beginning. Holding each other accountable is what makes us different than other networking groups. Are we holding them accountable now? Check your applications, ask the tough questions and be straight forward. This is not a get rich quick scheme but a lengthy relationship building organization designed to really grow your business if everyone is on the same page! Again, it all starts with your inspector and what they can find out about the people you are voting into your chapter.

When your inspector goes out to do an inspection do they dress professionally or have on whatever it is they wear at home while being laid back? Not an impressive way to meet and greet another professional right? Ask your Inspector to dress on the day they are doing an inspection after all one professional to another we should show that respect to those who are joining us. They come away from the interview with a different outlook and aim to please as soon as possible. You manifest what you want. Want the very best and act like you have found it. Make them feel special and still ask the hard questions.

When actually vetting them visit the local Better Business Bureau. They may not be members but they can still show up with negative responses from people. A negative response does not keep them from joining you as long as they took care of that negative reply about their business. If they shined it and never reached out to make a correction you may not want them representing you! That is an ok reason to not vote them in. Anytime anyone in your chapter feels they simply cannot give them business, it is considered a reason to not vote them in. Now it cannot be about the color of their skin, their race,

religious orientation, etc. But if you know you cannot give this person business then you need to vote no and be ready to tell the President why.

If any prospect tells the inspector no on any of the areas on the back of the application, they are not qualified to join. Take it away from them. Go after the ones who really want to grow their business and take part of the organization. That means that as the Inspector you should know up front which areas are open to offer them. Whether it be a board member, a chairman or just being placed on a committee, everybody holds a job of some sort. We want 100% of our members involved and unless they take a part, they are not involved.

Besides looking at the Better Business Bureau for information look up public information, if they carry a license find out where to see if it is current and they hold one. If they don’t need a license find out in your state if they are required to produce a certificate or carry insurance. If it is mandatory by your area then make sure they have what they are supposed to have to be business men and women. If they don’t then advise them you will take a second look at them once they have what they need. Don’t try to be the good guy just to get a person in the chapter. Be the tough guy and protect everyone already there! Make sure they are not going to be a cancer in the group and cause all kinds of issues. They must fit in all sense of the word and sometimes only your gut instincts tell you this. Pay attention to that feeling and check them out!

In the beginning I explained you may need two Inspectors. The reason for this is we want to be able to inspect the first week or at the worst case scenario by the second week so we can actually vote them in if we plan to. They are only allowed to attend two consecutive meetings before the insurance for your chapter is no longer valid. Many will lose interest if it takes too long. Remember, this is an impulse buy for most people. Inspectors also take vacations from time to time so make sure you have an inspector available all the time! Time is money.

The Inspector’s value to the chapter is immense. If we are inviting and inspecting properly our chapters flourish, grow and become loyal to one another. After all, this is your family! Treat it as such and do your job!