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Member Spotlight: Jaclyn Rae

Nov 1, 2021 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Jaclyn Rae is humbly serving LeTip of Tigard, while occupying her Nutritionist category. She is founder of Jaclyn Creations, and lives to educate her clients in supplementing through the food they eat to optimize their nutrition. She provides her clients personalized plant-based recipes alongside her bio-individualized programs, online classes, and introduces sustainable ways of adopting a healthier routine.

Struggling with food allergies from a young age, Jaclyn Rae, discovered the health benefits of a plant-based diet/lifestyle over eight years ago. Highly allergic to animal protein, Jaclyn began a lifelong journey that has led her to becoming a nutritionist, worldwide author, and advocate for cruelty free food consumption. While on this journey and in the middle of 2020, she found LeTip of Tigard/SW Metro, OR. Jaclyn Rae is no stranger to facing challenges head on and did not allow a pandemic to stop her from growing her business. Admittedly new to networking, you wouldn’t know it. Jaclyn has taken full advantage of her new chapter members by investing time to getting to know them and building relationships. “LeTip has so many opportunities available to take advantage of and I don’t want to miss any of it”, says Jaclyn. LeTip has been very rewarding and loves that she has been able to help her members with:

Healthy online classes
•Cook/prepare whole foods
•Introduce health benefits of foods in signature recipes/creations

Jaclyn’s favorite hobby is specializing in the creation of healthy vegan & gluten-free recipes notably, as a raw/vegan chef. She’s a worldwide published author of two vegan recipe books, which are the cornerstone of all her online programs! Her experience in nutrition is her foundation of your support as well as lifestyle integration. Contact your professional nutrition coach today for your free consultation.