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LeTip of Roseburg, OR

Sep 6, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter

LeTip of Roseburg is unique because of how long standing it has been in our community being the second largest in Oregon and founded in 1998. Until recently we had many members with over 15 years of membership. Some left to give opportunity to other new businesses, some left for personal reasons or sold businesses, but one thing that has stayed true throughout all of it is their commitment to LeTip. Many of our past members are still heavy supporters of LeTip and continue to keep their committed business referral relationships to LeTip members. The relationships we’ve built in our club are very strong and I’ve never witnessed anything like it in other groups. In many other clubs once their referral obligation is gone, that business is gone- this is not the case with our LeTip group.

When faced with adversity, our chapter overcomes obstacles by clear and direct communication. At every turn if there is a question that is answered as “I’m not sure, it might be this XYZ” that is not good enough. We stop and say, we need to look this up in our Chapter Guide. If that doesn’t work, seeking clarification and insight directly from LeTip International is the next step. Essentially, utilizing our tools for effective leadership and understanding how the positions support each other is the key to a successful group.

Since first getting back to in person meetings, we became very rebuilding focused due to the immense pressures of failing businesses across America and our own struggling community. The biggest part of us rebuilding has been the trust and faith that LeTip does work- we become personally invested in each other’s success and it shows through our passed dollars and networks in the community. There is a real power particularly in our handshake community to say, “yeah, I know a great person for that job, who I personally know for fact is vetted and trustworthy”. Fun fact, our chapter has discussed the possibility of a dispensary joining one day. Being in Oregon the cannabis industry is booming and they are part of our business community that has been kind of shunned away due to the federal issues! That is a shame and frankly a missed opportunity.

One of our newer members, Roseburg Rooter, has recently shared with us the amazing success he has found and credited to LeTip’s value. Austin Willet is a new business owner as of January 2021. Tough time to START a business mid Covid Pandemic, but when Austin joined LeTip in May 2021, within a month or so his business took off and increased about 18%-20%! He is a proactive member actively participating and making great personal connections with other members and it shows. To see such hard work and success during these difficult times sets a fire of motivation and hope to our group and Austin demonstrates clearly how LeTip can work for others as well! We have many more but this one stuck out the most with it being so recent and all during a pandemic.

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