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Staying Connected – Part 2

Jun 21, 2021 | Articles

The value of staying connected is of utter importance for better health, helping to manage mental health and according to psychologist, Abraham Maslow, this is as basic as needing oxygen, food, water, etc. Many, many case studies have been done on the subject and all seem to indicate we actually crave the social attention staying connected allows us.

What does it mean to stay connected in LeTip? It has been shown that those individuals and businesses that have stayed connected to chapters and members are doing much better than those who left or quit taking part in meetings via in person or online. Without even realizing, those businesses quit doing the things they always did to stay in business. They were not able to learn what others were doing through the pandemic. Little by little they begin to fall off until they are no longer a part of the chapter or even to the point of losing their business all-together.

Staying connected does not mean you have to be in person meetings even though that is LeTip’s model. It means you show up and participate. Not just being online with your camera off but present with your actual picture and actively listening and contributing to others on the call. You attend the meetings online or in person. You take an active part. You are heard above the noise of everything going on around you. Ask questions and make sure you ask for help if you need it. The old adage, the squeaky wheel gets the grease is still true today.

Staying connected means you don’t leave for one to three months for the summer. If you go on vacation, you can still request an online format to stay in touch and be active while out of town. You can pick up the phone for a five minute conversation with members in your chapter. Send the chapter a post card of where you are. Make them think of you when not in the meeting. Staying top of mind is essential for business to continue while you are away. The more you meet with others and share what is happening in your industry, your own business and even in your personal life, others will learn from you as you learn from them and each comes away with cutting edge information to stay in business, to assist each other in time of need and to make sure business is continuing to thrive and grow. It is part of being a business owner or the one responsible for bringing cash through the door.

In LeTip the qualities we all look for in a member are people who care, have integrity, who are passionate about their business, stay loyal to each other and hold each other accountable. We strive to find those who will be committed to the structure and who believe we are excellent. People who will walk the walk and work for the betterment of all in the chapter. Remember, you are part of a national organization with people from all over who can help you. They can give you advice, use your products or services and certainly learn to refer you to others from outside of LeTip where 80% of your business should come from.

There are ways to stay connected with more people than just those in your chapter. Join us for a Lunch Bunch, a Happy Hour or a Wired Power Hour to name just a few. We also have once a month B.A.N.K. Power Hour to help you understand the meaning of B.A.N.K. and how to better connect with your fellow members to receive more business. Stay connected is the key to long term success. When you see members down and out, invite them to retake NTS class. We can hopefully rejuvenate them and give them better tools for success. No one is alone in LeTip if they stay connected and seek out the help they want.

Who do you know has left us and really needs us? Invite them back. Ask others to participate and join. Being connected means we have a reliable source of expertise to rely on and utilize. Each and every one of us could use more help in our lives. Let’s stay connected!

Last year we put out an article about staying connected that featured many of our chapters who made the switch to utilizing online chapter meetings. Click here to view that article.