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Member Spotlight: Jack Watkinson

Jun 21, 2021 | Articles, Member Spotlight

“One of the most powerful changes of the last decade is that each person today is the architect of his/her own destiny”
-Andrew Grove. CEO of Intel 1997-2005

When I first became a member of LeTip, I didn’t know what to expect but growing up on the lake I’ve always adopted the philosophy of getting the most by jumping in with both feet.

LeTip’s reoccurring themes you’ll hear echoed are importance community, give more than you expect to get, and the relationships you build becomes like referring friends not just categories. I believe as the world opens back up, these principles will provide a solid foundation where we can all grow our businesses and have resources at our fingertips that many would wish they had.

What I’ve learned from LeTip is I didn’t meet the wrong person; they’re meant to be a tip for someone else. 747 categories means all bases covered. For anyone who hasn’t checked out the Lunch Bunch, Wired, or Happy hour you’re missing out an unending depth of knowledge and some great relationship building. I jumped on once thinking I was just going to stop by and “see what it’s about”. Now it’s in my schedule every week and keeps me fired up.

I represent the I.T. category for the Somerset Hills Chapter in New Jersey, with a company called Outsource My I.T. The problem with the I.T. industry is a lot of companies boast about their 24/7/365 monitoring, antivirus, and help desk as the whole service… At Outsource My I.T. we consider that just permission to play. We take a deeper dive into what make our clients tick; meeting with them throughout the year, not just when things go wrong.

My most recent tip came from an architect referring an optometrist. After doing our network assessment it was easy to see that their current I.T. company wasn’t providing the complete security they thought they had. In addition to their response time to get their issues looked at was 1-2 days with a very narrow scope of what they covered locally.

Understanding where people are, helps forecast for where they want to go. We got all their employees set up behind their firewall correctly and all updates in place to get them HIPAA compliant, protecting both their information and the clients’ as it should be. They’re now set up for optimized secure remote work whenever and wherever.

90% of our clients had another solution in place, but found we were able to provide more comprehensive solution. Outsmart. Outperform. Outlast. Outsource My I.T. Contact me for your complimentary dark web scan to see how safe your network is (regardless of location).