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Featured Categories: Pets

Apr 5, 2021 | Articles, News & Announcements

Many of our LeTip members are pet owners, and some even work with pets as a fulltime job! Unique categories such as these are an important part of LeTip that helps bring in new opportunities for business. We wanted to give a shout-out to all of our Pet-related categories. We recognize not just their uniqueness, but also their importance of being part of LeTip! A big thanks to you all.

Pet Boarding:
A place where animals are housed and maintained temporarily for a fee.

Suna Kneisley
Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats
LeTip of Sacramento, CA

Andrew Miller
Pets Are Inn Bucks County
LeTip of Doylestown, PA

Pet Crematory:

Cremation services and sales of urns.

Steve Woods
A Beloved Friends Pet Crematory
LeTip of Reno, NV

Pet Food:

Sells food for pets.

Kathi Gillespie
LeTip of La Jolla, CA

Pet Grooming:

Provides service to clean, brush and groom pets.

Alyson Arnold
Alycats & Dapperdogs
LeTip of Red Rock, NV

Vilma Juarez
Groomingdale’s Mobile Pet Spa
LeTip of San Fernando Valley, CA

Ross Zeiger
Rruff House
LeTip of Longview, WA

Pet Shop:

Own and/or manage a pet shop.

Rebecca Smith
The Pet Works, Inc.
LeTip of Longview, WA

Pet Sitter:

Contracted service provider who ta
kes care of a pet in its own home.

Elena Araujo
The Pet Nanny
LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA

Kimberly Jo Burker
Chickens to Kittens, LLC
LeTip of Lehigh Valley, PA

Lori Douglas
By Your Side Pet Services
LeTip of Southwest Las Vegas, NVĀ 

Kimberly Lindsey
Hugs & Paws
LeTip of Greater San Diego, CA

Maria Teran
Chicawoof! LLC
LeTip of Chicago Downtown, IL

Pet Trainer:

Provide behavioral training for pets.

Michael Martenies
Top Notch Dogs
LeTip of Battle Born of Reno, NV


Diagnose and treat diseases and dysfunctions of animals.

Cindy Copeland
Prefurred Veterinary Clinic LLC
LeTip of Robertsville, NJ

Sarah Kalivoda
Mountain View Animal Hospital
LeTip of Battle Born of Reno, NV

Nancy Kuehlwein
Animal Health Services
LeTip of Longview, WA

Pablo Mendoza
Mountain View Animal Hospital
LeTip of Reno, NV

Megan Wagner
Southern Ocean Animal Hospital
LeTip of LBI, NJ

Happy National Pet Day on April 11th, 2021!