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Chapter of the Year – Boca Raton

Mar 1, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter, News & Announcements

The LeTip of Boca Raton Chapter sees opportunity beyond the status quo. During the pandemic, we joined together and helped each other by showing up. Not just physically, but also mentally to each meeting. We set goals and believed in a vision. I have never seen a group of individuals come together during such difficult times and weather a storm. Members reached out, they stayed connected, and stayed true to our visitation schedule. We amped up where it was needed and believed in each other.

One of the five reasons you should join LeTip is “Your chapter becomes like a family – loyal to one another”. The LeTip of Boca Raton Chapter takes that very seriously. When we refer a business from our chapter it’s like referring a brother or sister. We laugh together, cry together and strive together! We continue to build off each other’s successes by sharing strong testimonials and believing in the organization we joined.

If we had to share one thing with other chapters, we would ask you to think of any great NBA Championship Team; The Bulls, The Lakers and The Heat. They all worked as one unit. Your Chapter is no different. They must be able to share in the vision, apply values and help each other overcome obstacles. Do we all agree on everything, heck no! But we trust in our Leadership Team to guide us to a victory championship. It’s never about one individual, it’s all of us or nothing!

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