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LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA

Feb 15, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter

LeTip of Westside Referrals Network, CA truly understands what it means to be great. For years this chapter has cultivated a winning attitude towards building relationships. This is a chapter that has gone through their ups and downs and have always prevailed because of their refinement.

All chapters have had to pivot this year and LeTip of Westside Referrals Network was no exception. Then Vice President and incoming President, Dr. Katherine Macey, took the reins and led their first virtual meeting with tremendous success. Behind the scenes, Peter Jobst, co-hosted the meeting for a seamless process to serve the members. Allowing the Greeters to focus on and announce the guest arrivals. All while playing music and energizing everybody for the morning networking.

Having lost their long-term banquet center, LeTip of Westside Referrals Network has fully embraced the virtual platform of networking and have decided that this hybrid model will be the way they move forward. Utilizing Confirmation of Reservation, they have had an increase in membership and attendance. “Breakout Rooms are the new Round Tables”, says Steve Mass.

The chapter didn’t eliminate quarterly dues but did reduce them to accommodate the impact the pandemic has had on all of their members. This has provided an opportunity to maintain accountability, cover chapter expenses, and reinvest into their members. Each week the chapter spins a wheel and everybody in attendance has a chance to win $50 WRN Bucks! Then on a monthly basis, if you have obtained perfect attendance and met your tip minimum, you have a chance to win $250 of WRN Bucks! WRN Bucks are paid by the chapter and are only to be spent on another member’s services. “We can’t think of a better way to spend our money”, says Steve Mass. While this kept the membership engaged and grateful, the Board knew this wasn’t enough. In an effort to maximize tips the chapter got creative. Scheduling Power Partners to be Speakers on the same day, developing a deeper understanding of both Speakers. By giving their industry 20 minutes of time and allowing them to complement one another, affords the members a great avenue to provide tips.

As always LeTip of Westside Referrals Network will hold their Annual Awards Banquet. Rod Daniels, the Caterer, will deliver food so that each member will be able to eat the same meal together. This virtual world will not stop the Dress to Impress theme and the chapter will enjoy live entertainment from a pianist and comedian. “Our chapter is a family. We will end 2020 laughing together as we have any other year”, says Steve Mass.