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LeTip of Dallas, TX

Jan 18, 2021 | Articles, Featured Chapter

Being the largest Texas chapter, LeTip of Dallas has been full of innovation. Their creativity makes them stand out. Within the past two years they’ve started a Hawaiian Shirt/Dress contest, just before Memorial Day, and a Halloween Costume Contest. We believe that in addition to “Dollars In Your Pocket”, this chapter also knows how to have a fun time!
When the pandemic hit, LeTip of Dallas quickly transitioned to Zoom meetings and did not allow their chapter to suffer. After a few months the COVID-19 regulations were slightly lifted, and they found that they were able to introduce Hybrid Meetings which allowed up to 10 members for an in-person meeting. The meeting was then broadcasted to the rest of the chapter. As expected in a pandemic, the chapter encountered new challenges. Bandwidth and signal strength, shared internet from home or on an iPad/phone was, at times, an issue. Nevertheless, all members continued to present their 30 second commercials and they went through the meeting process as usual.
Dr. Rebeca Gracia was the Top Tipper for LeTip of Dallas in 2020. While the pandemic caused the world to pause for moment, Dr. Gracia didn’t allow that to stop her. She is involved with Thermography and Holistic Medical practices. We have some outstanding members that have gone above and beyond at LeTip of Dallas. Collin West and David Smith have pivoted and sparked new ideas from this virtual platform, having their Greeter do a video of the upcoming meeting and share it to their Facebook Page. For example, the Greeter, Carolina, will do a short video that introduces Summer, as the Show Boater, and her business, then the Speaker, Kim Marie, and her business. After the meeting there is a recap that is posted, giving a brief overview of what was discussed including photos and graphs. Collin and David work as a dynamic duo to make this happen. Their videos are posted to YouTube and are available for members to post to their website and/or share with prospective members.
Here is an example of their most recent YouTube Series:

There is no doubt that 2020 was one of the most difficult years that most of us can
remember. I have to salute Kim Marie, all of the executives and corporate
staff for all they did throughout the year. The seminars on real estate, finance and
marketing were great. The light that shined out from Mesa was always bright
and positive.
” -Steve Melelue, Chapter President