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LeTip of Middle Country, NY

Oct 5, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

With the uncertainty around the world, it can be scary to take a leap and try new things, especially for your business. Despite the COVID pandemic, we have welcomed new chapters and LeTip of Middle Country, NY was one. We caught up with them to feature their success in such a short period of time. They have grown from 1 to 12 in just a short three months. Their goals are to put “Dollars In Your Pocket” TM and to grow to be the biggest chapter on Long Island, surpassing LeTip of Port Jeff!
As the chapter started, they had no choice but to meet through Zoom. They have since transitioned to the Coram Diner, which allows for a socially distanced meeting and have all agreed to wear masks. As a result, the LeTip of Middle Country, NY members feel safe and comfortable.
Chapter President, Matt Foxx, has been trying to find a chapter for over two years. Every group has an insurance agent, so the only way was to start a new one. His favorite diner was available and his good friend, Cliff Pfleger, presented him with the opportunity to start a new chapter. Due to their strong leadership, they have been able to grow quickly, and the chapter already feels like a family.
“We have many exciting tips being passed! Our group has already installed new phone systems, alarm systems, bought and sold houses, painted, installed windows, new HVAC, many visits to the Chiropractor, contracts negotiated by our attorney, and bank accounts opened with our banker. As the groups’ insurance agent, I have a power partner with our Real Estate Broker. She sends me every listing for a home-owners insurance quote and includes it with the listing.” Matt Fox.
Please reach out to LeTip of Middle Country, NY if you know of someone looking to join a dynamic Chapter. Here are their top categories needed: Mortgage Lender, Real Estate Attorney, Electrician, Plumber, Dry Cleaner.