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Member Spotlight: Kaleigh Canavan

Sep 6, 2020 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Kaleigh Canavan EA, first and foremost, has a wild passion for helping businesses grow. She strives to make her clients feel like friends, to create an environment for them to explore their dreams, learn new tools to grow, and always, always feel comfortable asking anything. Kaleigh is breaking the ‘old man’ stereotype of an Accountant and creating not just a reliable place for her clients, but a community. She brings in-depth knowledge of smart management techniques from her diverse work experience: from running the box office for a local concert promoter, to production & sales, and even time behind the bar, not to mention retail management, sales training, and customer service across many industries. She believes connection and cooperation will help everyone reach their dreams.

She has built a team that supports these beliefs, made of people who go out of the way to innovate, research, and find solutions for small business owners to grow, succeed, and thrive. The Canavan, Syddall & Associates team is currently made up of 8 full-time employees, who work collaboratively to facilitate client success. With almost 100 years of combined experience, it’s rare to encounter a scenario that someone on the team hasn’t dealt with before. The Accountants of CSA are passionate about helping clients feel empowered about the “scary” accounting stuff, and try to make it as fun as possible along the way.

Kaleigh attended Regis University where she earned a BS in Accounting with a minor in Human Resources Management, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Before founding Canavan Financial Group in 2013, she spent several years as an Account Manager for a local accounting firm in Littleton, CO. In August of 2017, Canavan Financial Group became Canavan, Syddall and Associates when a merger expanded both the team and the business to a full-service accounting firm.

Kaleigh joined the largest Colorado chapter of Letip in the summer of 2017 in the category of Accountant, where she served as both Membership Chair and President. “I really enjoyed having such a strong network that I could refer to and realized quickly that if you participate fully, membership will pay for itself tenfold. My mom once joked ‘Kaleigh’s got a guy for everything’ because of how many times she asked me for a referral and I was able to provide one immediately, largely because of Letip.” While continuing to see that value of being a part of Letip, at the beginning of 2020 Kaleigh realized that the meeting time and location of her existing chapter was too challenging for her, so she founded a new Lunch Chapter closer to her office in Littleton. She’s excited to form meaningful relationships with a whole new chapter full of committed professionals.