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Five Chapters with Excellent Social Media Ideas

Aug 17, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

• LeTip of Orange County, CA 

• LeTip of Hackensack, NJ 

• LeTip of Tustin, CA 

• LeTip of Harrisburg Metro, PA 

• LeTip of Carmichael, CA 


Many LeTip chapters have expanded their use of Social Media over the last year. We cannot feature all the great ideas that are being generated by their Social Media chairs, but here is a small collection of ways that chapters are benefiting from their Social Media pages. 

Introduce Yourself and Your Chapter!  

Video marketing has become so powerful and is a great way to connect with the audience browsing your page. It makes it easy for your audience to connect and feel confident in reaching out. In this post, LeTip of Orange County’s President, Leslie Sattin introduces her chapter on Facebook 

Stay Active!  

Meeting online? Share a picture of your Zoom meeting! Staying active will increase your engagement, grow your audience, and lets the audience know you are still around.  

LeTip of Hackensack, NJ posts regularly with lots of different content. 


Feature Your Members! 

Featuring your chapter members online gives them a great spotlight and can increase engagement and sharing as members like to share their posts within their network of friends.  

LeTip of Tustin, CA provides a great example of sharing this week’s showboater, last week’s new member and a post related to a long-time members business activity.  It is all about getting more outside Tips. 

Use Quality Pictures! 

Using quality pictures on your social media pages will always make the content more interesting and will connect to users through imagery. They have the power to enhance your platforms. LeTip of Harrisburg Metro, PA has mastered taking quality pictures and making quality graphics, see examples here: 


Call To Action! 

As prospects come to your page, you want to let them know what categories your chapter needs. They could be that qualified prospect or they might know someone.   LeTip of Carmichael, CA does a lot of posts directed to new guests, showing what categories they are looking for and talking about how we put dollars in your pocket. 


We want to encourage our chapters to take control of their social media presence that can help attract a great small business owners and potential networkers.  Make sure your chapter has a Social Media chair and that all members understand that this is a great way to add more outside Tips and members!