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LeTip of Idaho Falls, ID

Jul 20, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter

LeTip of Idaho Falls, ID was founded in 2004 – all the way back when Oldsmobile rolled it’s very last vehicle off of the assembly line. After approaching their second decade as a chapter, they are still going strong. Their current President David Parker, with his Insurance Life Health and Disability company Parker Insurance, has been a member for nearly 13 years.

With over 20+ members, their chapter meets in the heart of Idaho Falls only 4 miles from downtown and 6 miles from IDA airport making it a prime networking location for those all around the Idaho Falls metropolitan area.

As of recent, they are officially back to in-person meetings and following CDC guidelines and practicing social distancing. For those in their chapter who are not yet ready to come back attending in-person meeting they have the ability to attend meetings through Zoom. They are also recommending face coverings for those meeting in-person.

What makes LeTip of Idaho Falls, ID unique is they are currently the sole LeTip chapter in the state of Idaho. Their chapter meets every week on Wednesday from 7:01 AM – 8:31 AM. If you are interested in visiting them, you can find more information here.

As the chapter said on their Facebook page during the beginning of the outbreak, “now may be the most important time ever to refer one another’s businesses and services”.