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LeTip of South King County, WA

Mar 16, 2020 | Articles, Featured Chapter


LeTip of South King County will be celebrating their 17th year anniversary this year. They are known for their festive spirit and networking roots that are brought together every Wednesday morning. The genuine atmosphere of helping one another grow their business is the core of the chapter.

Each of their quarterly mixers is themed.  Decorations, food items, “Ice Breakers”, games, costumes are optional but fit with the theme. The themes usually are tied to something that is fitting with that month.  They have had Valentine’s Day, Kentucky Derby, Major League All-Star Break, Super Bowl (the back to back years the Seahawks went), Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, 4th of July/Patriot’s Day, themes along the way. Probably most fun of all is the St. Patrick’s Day theme mixer in March.  Main food items are all Irish dishes.  Homemade Irish Stew and soda bread are highlights.  Indoor horse races for Kentucky Derby and indoor Home Run Derby for MLB All Star Break are all challenging and lots of fun.  All food items for the Kentucky Derby mixer are authentic dishes served at Churchill Downs, recipes from Google if necessary.

The mixers are designed as gifts to their South King County community and invitations are sent out to 2 or 3 local Chambers of Commerce as well as other local LeTip chapters. Our Members send invitations to individual business owners of business’ that are not represented in the Chapter.  This gives all in attendance the opportunity to meet other business owners or managers that they would not likely meet during their daily routines and start business building relationships.

Here is a picture of member, Cari- Renee Korpi, visiting the chapter during their St. Patrick’s Day Business Mixer from last year.