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New Year Plans & Goals

Jan 6, 2020 | Articles, News & Announcements

Alongside our changes, upgrades, and improvements we also have some big plans and goals
to roll out for LeTip International for 2020. Here are our top eight to share with you:

  1. Proliferate Power Events across the country to increase chapter size and outside tips.
  2. Build on our Technology Base with exciting additions to our mobile app and webpages that lead to increased outside Tips for members.
  3. Provide Training Video Library to members for refreshers on NTS, Board and White Badge Training.
  4. Engage with chapters that provide their 2020 Goals and help them achieve them with Corporate services.
  5. Kim Maire Branch-Pettid to travel to 90%+ of Board Trainings in April and May to provide a new focus for Chapters.
  6. Amend and refresh LeTip By-Laws with a member By-Law Committee to ensure that as business changes, LeTip remains the Premier Lead Sharing organization.
  7. Showcase members through Communicare, National Awards, and Power Event Breakout Session.
  8. Crack the B.A.N.K. codes of all members and guests and train members on “Why They Buy” to improve member interactions and guest closures. Click here to unlock your own B.A.N.K. code! All B.A.N.K. codes will be displayed in Wired.

Do you have new goals set for your business, your membership in LeTip,
your chapter, or even personal goals? We’re rooting for you!