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LeTip of Battle Born, NV

Nov 18, 2019 | Articles, Featured Chapter

Mitch Harrigan, Insurance Property & Casualty category and 4-year LeTip member, transferred from LeTip of Reno and founded LeTip of Battle Born, in late April of 2018. LeTip of Battle Born was not short of momentum. Within their first full month they earned chartered status. This happens when a chapter reaches 16 members and is then considered “sustainable”. In total, they had 16 members join by the end of May 2018. They continued the momentum by voting in 6 more members the following month. To this day, they are a group of 32 members and are on track to continue to grow.

Rick Grabianowski, Handyman and a 19-year member, helped the chapter tremendously by sponsoring 10 of these founding members. This helped Rick earn his Platinum Badge, 50 members sponsored, and made LeTip of Battle Born his new networking home previously in the Reno chapter.

The chapter had a month of $50,000 in passed tips. The consistent Top Tippers have been Mike McCollum, a long time LeTip member formerly from Yuba City, and Sarah Kalivoda, Veternarian, who transferred from the Reno Chapter. Lots of momentum and lots of new members who are learning the value of networking.