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Autumn 2019 Chapter Stats

Nov 18, 2019 | Articles, Featured Chapter

In 2019 we have had 19 LeTip Chapters become Chartered!

When a chapter is chartered, that means it has 16+ members and is sustainable.
(Why is that important? Click here to find out.)

Here are the chapters that have become chartered this year:

Chapter Name Chartered
LeTip of Metuchen, NJ
LeTip of Mission Bay, CA
LeTip of Umpqua Valley, OR
LeTip of Atlanta, GA
LeTip of Battle Born, NV
LeTip of Ocean Township, NJ
LeTip of Plano, TX
LeTip of Hampton Bays, NY
LeTip of LBI, NJ
LeTip of Riverhead, NY
LeTip of Hillsboro, OR
LeTip of Pacific Beach, CA
LeTip of Summerlin, NV
LeTip of Redwood Empire, CA
LeTip of San Leandro, CA
LeTip of Phoenix City, AZ
LeTip of Bay Port, NY
LeTip of Greater Morris, NJ
LeTip of Ocean Township, NJ

Outstanding work to all of these chapters!

LeTip Wired Chapter Stats

Over the past year, we have strongly encouraged our membership to increase their online presence online through LeTip Wired and social media. We thought it would be interesting to see how many chapters are utilizing that within their LeTip Wired chapter profiles. As of 11/18/2019, here are some interesting stats about chapters’ info on LeTip Wired.

Total chapters who have a chapter website listed on their LeTip Wired chapter profile


Total chapters who have a Facebook page listed on their LeTip Wired chapter profile


There are no chapters who list their YouTube channels or LinkedIn pages so we are strongly encouraging you to update your profiles on LeTip Wired! Tip: include your chapters’ links to your chapter website and social media pages on your chapter pages, and also add your website and social media info for your own business to your own profile page. Getting your online presence helps your business! We are pushing forward to have more of an online presence for LeTip and all of our members in an effort to help advertise and market your businesses. There have also been many changes in social media over this past year, click hear to read Kim Marie’s most recent blog write-up on that subject.