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Examples of Great Wired Profile Videos

Nov 4, 2019 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Having a video on your Wired profile is a MUST! When people can see your face and hear you speak, they gain a personal connection that causes them to grow more interest in you and your business.

You might ask: Why do I want to put a video of myself and/or my business on my Wired profile? Great question! Our goal is to eventually be able to showcase all of your videos and business info on our public facing website and more, adding more value to your LeTip membership. We want to help advertise your business and bring you more customers and clients!

Here are some examples of some great profile videos we have seen across different members’ Wired profiles:

Marvin Flavien, LeTip of Shore, NJ /

Karen Carlson, LeTip of Stockton, CA /

Zach Morris, LeTip of Henderson, NV /

For a full YouTube playlist of even more LeTip Member Videos & Commercials, click here!

These are really great videos, and we are sure there are more out there. Great job to everyone who has done this already on their profile. So, would you like to upload your very own video to your LeTip Wired profile?

Here’s how:
1 – Go to and login
2 – On the lefthand side menu, click on “My Profiles
3 – Click on the blue “Add Video” button
4 – On the screen that pops up, enter the URL of your video and save it by clicking the green “Add Video” button
Done! Now people can see you in action on your LeTip Wired Profile.

Don’t know how to put a video on YouTube? Not to worry, it’s fairly simple, just click here for instructions!

Worried you don’t have the means to make a big production video? Don’t sweat it! You can make a quick video from your phone, or with the help of someone in your chapter. You can even have someone record you in a chapter meeting giving your 30 Second Commercial.

If you are struggling with your 30 Second Commercials, we also highly recommend getting a refresher course in a Network Training Seminar aka “NTS” class which includes some great pointers to help with that. You can sign up for an NTS class by clicking here.

So please, if you haven’t, go and put a video of yourself and/or your business on your Wired profile ASAP! It is important to get your Wired profiles set up with as much info and content as you can, because we are going to show that off to the world.

The more a prospect knows more about your business, the more likely the are to give you business and that puts more:

“Dollars in Your Pocket”™!