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Member Spotlight: Brian Jolles

May 20, 2019 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Looking Back 25 Years – Brian Jolles with LeTip of Howard County

In April 1994, Brian Jolles had the honor of being the 1st member in the newly formed LeTip of Howard County. “It was incredibly easy to envision the value of being the only Life/Health/Disability Insurance advisor in the room”, says Jolles. 25 years later, as he looks back on the hundreds of business opportunities, the too-many-to-count clients that he had made (both inside and outside tips), and the thousands per year that LeTip has generated for him, Jolles proudly says, “I was right!”

At the time of this article, Brian Jolles is one of only eleven total Platinum Badge members across North America. Brian has served as President twice and has always remained an active member of the LeTip of Howard County board for his entire 25 years in LeTip. Currently, Brian is the Membership Chair and Lunch Bunch (Quick-Start) chair to help the newest members get the most out of their LeTip membership. Success in LeTip is earned first by recognizing that the focus isn’t only on how many sales you make. Looking back, Brian says, “It’s the real true relationships that I have built, the broad-based knowledge that I have learned from my fellow members and the confidence that I can rely on them for personal and client needs.”

“An amazing thing happens when fellow members do great work for your clients”, says Jolles. “My clients repay me with more business and referrals. Add to that the many referrals from members, second generation tips and long-time relationships no longer in LeTip.” This translates to an ongoing stream of referrals back to Jolles. “A week doesn’t go by that I’m not working on business connected in some way to LeTip.”

“This is how it works over time,” Brian explains. For as far back as he can remember, he hasn’t had to prospect. Fellow LeTip members have been called upon to help many of his clients, who have repaid the favor by becoming bigger clients and referring him to others. LeTip has been a value-add to our practice and our clients. Brian and his wife had one very young child and a very small office in their starter home a few miles from where they now live. But a lot has happened in the past 25 years and Brian credits his success to his LeTip relationships.

At the same time Brian joined LeTip in 1994, he and Lisa purchased a lot to build their dream home. Almost immediately, LeTip became his “Teacher”, “Concierge Services” and the trusted “Advisory Board” that would help grow their family and their business. LeTip built their home, furnished it, made repairs, managed the utility costs, landscaped it, protected it and provided the many other needs of their growing family. It was a fellow LeTip member that gave Brian & Lisa the confidence to purchase commercial space and begin growing their practice. LeTip filled the many needs of their business, build-out, painting, flooring, lighting, furniture, staffing, training, accounting, and legal services.

LeTip has always been and will continue to be, part of Brian & Lisa’s success story. Looking back on 25 years, Brian still enjoys the ride. “Someday Lisa and I will look back 25 years into our retirement and have many more reasons to thank our fellow LeTip members,” says Jolles.

Brian Jolles, along with his wife and partner Lisa Jolles, own Jolles Insurance in Ellicott City, Maryland. In addition, Brian serves as the President of the National Association of Insurance Advisors (NAIFA) for the state of Maryland.

From Kim Marie, LeTip’s CEO: “Brian not only started this chapter and was the first to join, he is and has been the heart and soul of this chapter. He cares, he sees you and he listens to you. A member who is a cut above. This month we celebrate you. Thank you for all you do!”