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LeTip of Howard County – 25 Years!

May 20, 2019 | Articles, Featured Chapter

For this Featured Chapter article, we focus on LeTip of Howard County, MD which just celebrated their 25th Anniversary. Chapter member Mick Carbo shared an amazing post that we thought was said it all:

“3 years ago back in April 2016 I joined a team of extraordinary business owners and professionals called LeTip of Howard County. From the first meeting I visited I knew they were my people. The energy was high, I could tell they were like family, and they were doing real business together. These were committed teammates partnering around each other’s success.”

“As I got to know the group at a deeper level, I found out the true meaning of why they were all there. Yes, they were there to develop business, but there was more. I started hearing the stories that were the reason why some of the members had been here for 25 years. Moving stories that regularly bring tears to their eyes and mine.”

“The members of LeTip of Howard County are part of something greater than themselves. The community is a living legacy committed to supporting each other around life and business. Meaning we attract the best of the best local business people and thereby attract the best of the best business tips. And that leads to exponential impact in the community and on their businesses and families. Because this is who we are, we celebrated our 25th year anniversary last night over dinner with members and then a mixer with past members going back all 25 years. It was incredible.”

“My team of business professionals is so awesome that the CEO and owner of LeTip, Kim Marie Branch-Pettid, flew in to celebrate us. And this team is her legacy.”

“Special thanks to Claire Ramirez-Schene and Debra Hammert of Made Easy for making this event the extraordinary success it was. We truly felt like guests at our own event 😉 Shout out to Robin Holliday for hosting our mixer at her Horse Spirits Art Gallery in Historic Savage Mill. Your space is breathtaking. Big ups to Mays Connect Ken Mays at Mays and Associates for crushing it on our banners and programs for the event.”

“There are so many people to thank and tag in this post, please forgive me if I didn’t. Thanks for everyone’s commitment to this team. I’m grateful for each of y’all.”

Written by Mick Carbo on Facebook April 27th 2019,
Member of LeTip of Howard County, MD
Celebrating their chapter’s 25 years with LeTip