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Member Spotlight: Steve Meleleu

Jan 21, 2019 | Articles, Member Spotlight

Steve Meleleu currently serves as the Chapter President of LeTip of Dallas, TX and has held that position for the past year. The LeTip of Dallas chapter is the largest chapter in Texas and will be celebrating their 19th-year anniversary this year. He does his best to keep the atmosphere in his chapter welcoming and exciting. A couple times a year they will host contests such as a “Best Dressed Contest” and their annual chapter’s “Halloween Costume Contest” (an idea we enjoyed so much at the LeTip Corporate office, we did our own nation-wide Halloween Costume Contest for all of LeTip too!).

Steve won 1st place in the 2018 LeTip Halloween Costume Contest for his great “Dia de los Muertos” costume (pictured above)

Steve is also known for wearing his Hawaiian shirts to spice things up and inspire the creativity within his chapter members at their weekly meetings. Steve is very proud to represent his chapter as their President. Here is a little bit more about him, from him:

My category in LeTip is Commercial Insurance, and my company is SMA Insurance Services. We specialize in Business Insurance. I first started in the insurance business when I opened my office on January 1, 1986.

The rewarding part of my job is working with business owners and helping them navigate the insurance world… you may be a great Esthetician, Plumber, Eye Doctor or Bakery owner, but the insurance policies are a whole new language. My job is to help explain the coverages to my clients and help guide them in their choices. Having been in business for as many years as I have, I do have clients that have been with me over 20 years.

I joined LeTip in August of 2016 and was elected President on my chapter in March of 2018. Before I joined Le Tip I believed that if you are a part of an organization, helping it grow and prosper is part of your duty as a member. I have done that in Scouting with my son years ago, with my local Chamber of Commerce and now as a member of Dallas LeTip. When everyone contributes, we all grow and we all win.

To me being President means that I need to: always be looking forward, always positiv and always being supportive of every member. Servant leadership by making the group as productive, positive and successful as possible for all the members.

I also send an email to every guest thanking them for attending and I also CC the member that invited them, recognizing that member for their effort.

Thanks for all that you do Steve, and being a part of our LeTip family!