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Member Spotlight: Jay Amsbaugh

Dec 17, 2018 | Archive, Articles, Member Spotlight

Jay Amsbaugh is another holder of one of LeTip’s unique categories (categories that only a few LeTip members fall under) called “BBQ Grill Maintenance” and he is the only current member at the time of writing this article within that category. Jay is a brand new member, just joining us this past July, and is part of the LeTip of Toms River, NJ chapter.

Jay’s company has a very entertaining company name, called “QueGasm Grill Cleaning “, and was even promoted on a local internet TV show (which references LeTip) which we have linked below.

At LeTip International, we feel it’s important to recognize both our longstanding members and our new members who are in lesser known categories like Mr. Amsbaugh so we can all encourage each other’s growth and success together as a team. Our hope is that chapters across North America can reach out and share business with each other. Are you looking to pass more business within LeTip? We strongly encourage you to utilize someone within LeTip in your local area, or even in another chapter. Login to LeTip Wired or search on to look up categories who may have the services you need. Feel free to reach out to them and pass more tips across your chapters!