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Small Business Saturday

Nov 16, 2018 | Archive, Articles

We all know about Black Friday, and the more modern Cyber Monday, both are shopping holidays that urge consumers to go out and buy products from big box stores whether in person or online. But have you heard about Small Business Saturday? Small Business Saturday is another modern shopping holiday that fits right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday and encourages people to go out and shop but this time specifically targetting small businesses and local retailers. This year, Small Business Saturday falls on November 24th, 2018.

Small businesses and small business owners make up a very large portion of our LeTip membership, and because of that we feel that it’s important to support them by also supporting Small Business Saturday. Encouraging people to get out and buy from small mom and pop shops, small boutiques, family businesses, and other types of entrepreneur stores not only helps those running the businesses grow but is also great for your local communities. When you shop at a small business you are putting money back into your local cities and towns economies, and that helps everyone out in the long run by increasing the quality of living. Small Business Saturday has been such a success in the US that it has even expanded to other countries across the globe.

We encourage all of our members to support Small Business Saturday by posting on social media during the week of US Thanksgiving with the hashtags #SmallBusinessSaturday & #shopsmall, alongside a call to action towards your local friends, family, and community members to support either your own small business or another local small business you would like to help support. We also encourage each member to choose at least one LeTip Small Business to give an extra Tip to this Holiday Season. Think of all the times that you plan at shopping with Amazon, Home Depot or other big box stores over the next 45 days. Turn your computer off or turn your car around and find a LeTip business to support! On top of professional business networking and increasing sales leads, growing small businesses is what LeTip is all about. Anyway we can help support the cause is something we are always on board with. We hope you all have a great and successful Small Business Saturday this year in 2018!

For some free promotional materials to help support your Small Business Saturday rollout, here are some great resources from American Express – the company who originally started the idea of Small Business Saturday.