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Week of Giving: LeTip of Sunrise, NY

Nov 12, 2018 | Archive, Articles, Featured Chapter

The following story is from a valued LeTip member and chapter president:

“I have been a member of LeTip for almost 5 years. In that time, I have witnessed all five reasons that we tell our guests who visit each chapter why it would benefit them to be part of this organization. In the last year, I have witnessed how we are so much more than a professional business networking group.

I recently witnessed something that truly shocked and amazed me to the point that I had to put it into words. The Thursday before Easter 2018, one of our newer members, that had only been a part of our group for the last 6 months, experienced something that is more devastating than I can even imagine.

He noticed a fire coming from his garage late Thursday night, which completely engulfed his entire house and burned it to the ground, destroying all of his possessions and memories that were under that roof. He was so lucky to have been there and awake, so as to save the lives of his wife and children.

They stood on the curb and watched everything they had worked for disappear. Upon learning this news, and with his permission, I shared this tragedy with the members of our chapter. Within minutes I was receiving phone calls, text messages, and emails asking how everyone could best offer their help and support. Besides a financial contribution, clothing, food, professional services, as well as members offering rooms in their homes for he and his family to live temporarily.

I never would have thought that anyone, besides a person’s family, would be willing to go to such great lengths to help someone in a time of need. The amount of selflessness and empathy shown by those that make up LeTip of Sunrise moved me more than words could possibly express.

This organization tells potential members and guests that we are like family. I would be willing to bet that for many, we are even closer than some families. We see each other a minimum of four times a month, business mixers and social events, monthly member visitations, and get together to conduct business, and personal functions that we invite members to.
For many, we are their “family” that provides support and compassion in times of need, which has a greater value than any business deal or financial transaction. I would just like to say that being a part of LeTip has taught me much more than lessons about business and achieving financial gain, but has taught me about people, and how far they will go to help someone.
As a chapter, we will do everything we can to help that member. But, seeing what each individual in our chapter has offered him was not a testament to the amazing chapter we have, but instead an example of the amazing people we have that make up our chapter!”