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Jul 31, 2018 | Archive, Articles

‘Opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people don’t recognize them.’, stated Ann Landers taking a new twist on a famous Thomas Edison quote of ‘The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.’ The word, recognize is to acknowledge or take notice in some definite way. When our eyes are wide open we recognize a neighbor with a nod; we recognize an act of bravery with an award of a medal; we recognize something or someone we previously have known or met. However in business, recognize is to perceive clearly. To not do so is opportunity lost.

This ‘sixth sense’ in business affords us the opportunity to see instantly something we can use to build our business. There are four ways to recognize business opportunities. First, listen to your potential clients and your qualified leads. When you are targeting potential customers listen to their needs, wants, challenges and frustrations with your industry. Second, really listen to your customers. Third, look at your competition. And fourth, look at industry trends and insights. Entrepreneurs are often characterized by their ability to recognize opportunities and the most basic entrepreneurial actions involve the pursuit of opportunity. You have to recognize this single opportunity before you right now…LeTip.

For 40 years, LeTip, the leading business networking organization, has been built to include over 5000 members by providing business owners, like yourself, the opportunity to win the battle by offering qualified leads each and ever week to one another in their Chapters throughout the nation. And, there is exclusivity for every member in LeTip. There is only one mortgage lender as a member in a LeTip Chapter. As there is only one HVAC pro as a member. Exclusivity means exactly that…the only one within your category. After all, if one joins as an accountant and there are 20 other accountants, no one’s going to give you any accounting work. But if you are the only accountant, that’s putting ‘Dollars in your pocket’®.

If you are a business owner with integrity and have 2-5 years of experience, we invite you to see for yourself. or call 1 (800) 495-3847 right now. This is the very definition of recognizing opportunity. Take advantage of it today.

How do I know?

I am the Owner and CEO of LeTip International. And that is my promise to you and each and everyone of our members.

Do you want new business now? Well, this is the place.

Kim Marie Branch-Pettid

Kim Marie is one of the leading women business owners in charge of an organization which includes more than 5200 members worldwide, now entering their 40th Anniversary Celebration. Her motivational speeches have been heard throughout the world. With 28 years in the banking industry in all forms, including mergers and acquisitions, she has been and continues to be involved in fund raising for non-profit organizations, as well as a member of California Women for Agriculture, Sequoia Guild, member of Vistage Trusted Advisor Group and WPO-Women Presidents Organization, Phoenix, AZ. Also, she is a past board member of ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association). Her specialties include trainer, motivator, connector with years of experience in bringing businesses together for a ‘great fit’.

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