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Q&A With Dillon Strouse

Sep 28, 2017 | Archive, Articles, Member Spotlight

Behind those Blue eyes that are definitely the first thing you see when meeting Dillon Strouse, you will find a loving, caring, full-of-laughter, normal guy.

Strouse Entertainment  |  LeTip of West Shore, PA

If he’s not laughing, he’s preparing for his next movement towards success.  Born in 1988, Dillon faced many challenges from day one. But, with the love of his family and friends along with the support they have given to him, he has overcome all and any obstacles that have presented themselves in his path. Now at a young 26 years old, Dillon chases his dream of being a successful DJ, Motivator, and Entrepreneur. Success is never far from being within his reach. He truly makes it happen.

The challenge he was faced with from day one, Cerebral Palsy, has never led Dillon to give up on his hopes and dreams. Dillon wanted to start working at the age of 15, but due to the nature of his inability to perform certain tasks, no one would hire him. His passion for music and love for people led him to want to become a DJ/Entertainer.

Today, Dillon owns an upbeat Entertainment Company, driven by himself and people like himself who have a love for music and compassion for people. He is a motivational speaker, and truly a Regular Guy. His main ambition in life is to continue to grow his successful business, one day have a wife and family of his own, and be financially stable enough to have the support of staff to tend to his daily needs in order to provide and support his family each and every day.

Dream the Impossible because EVERYTHING is possible when you believe in yourself and push beyond limits that may present themselves.

Q&A With Dillon Strouse

Q:  Why Did You Join LeTip?

A:  The reason I joined LeTip in the beginning was because I wanted a foundation.  A foundation I could learn from.  When I first started the business in 2010 I had no work experience, no leadership knowledge. I just up and started my business thinking it was something you learned by yourself.  As quick as I was growing, I learned very quickly that you have to surround yourself with people that have good morals and values and that have been doing it longer than you and can to teach you the right way to do stuff.

Q:  What Has Joining LeTip Done For You and Your Business?

A:  That’s a question with multiple different answers but a difficult one at the same time.  The first huge lesson I learned was not to listen to people and always step out of your comfort zone.  When I first joined LeTip in 2016, I was warned that I’d be entering a room full of big shots.  My whole life I was under  the impression that “big shots” wouldn’t take time for anyone, especially me. I entered the room and I was welcomed with open arms.  People only believe what they experience.

LeTip has made me a lot of amazing new contacts and most importantly a family.  Mike and I have done a lot together. One of my favorite
memories was when we went tubing down the Yellow Breaches Creek with his family and then went back to his family’s house for a get together.  Ever since I have joined LeTip, my business has doubled.  It’s not about how many tips you get, its all about that everlasting impression! I have learned how to better budget, why first impressions are everything and to never give up on your hopes and dreams.

Q:  How Did Your Company Get Started?

A:  I have always wanted to work, ever  since I’ve been 14.  No one would hire me because of my physical limitations.  I started going to after school parties and dances and hung out with the DJ. I gave up on my dream because it wasn’t like I could place CDs in the CD player.  When I was 21 I became really depressed, wondering why I was on earth. Thats never been me, I have always been jolly and chipper.  Then one night after a long day of swimming my friend and I were heading home.  I looked over and said “dude, I need a job” – He replied “I know man but not quite sure what to tell you”.  I then looked up at the sky and said “God, I need a job”.  Few minutes later I looked down at my radio and DJ Skeet was on the radio, I chuckled.  Looked back at the sky and said ‘if this is what you want me to do, help me do it”.  The rest is history!

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