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Dressing For LeTip Success

Apr 10, 2017 | Archive, Articles

By Rick Millham, Jr.

Every day we judge people by the way they look and dress. Look at someone, and before you even have a chance to speak with them, you have formed an immediate perception of them. Your perception may be right or it may be wrong—either way, it can affect how you treat them.

As a business owner, I can tell you that by what I say and do, I am constantly molding my employees’ perception of me. I never relax; I must be the best in the office in all areas—including the way I dress. I need to be “presidential.”

As a President of LeTip of Doylestown for two years, plus having been on the board for an additional ten years, I can tell you the same thing applies to LeTip. I have spent years wearing a suit every Thursday morning without fail. Would I like to wear a golf shirt? Yes. Would I do it? No.

Why? Because if I were sloppy in my attire, what kind of a subliminal message would I be sending out about the way I handle my own business? Additionally, LeTip chapter members deserve and expect professionalism in all areas of conduct. This includes looking like a successful business person. A properly attired LeTip President sets the standard by which his or her ability to lead the chapter is judged.

Guests also judge a chapter by the professional appearance of the meeting, the members, and the board. In LeTip over the last four years, I have received numerous comments as guests walk away after their first meeting impressed by the professional way LeTip is run. The meeting structure, and the professionally dressed board all play a key part.

Still not convinced? Would you go on a job interview in a golf shirt? Why not? Are you concerned with a good first impression? The same applies to LeTip. Dress like a leader, talk like a leader and act like a leader, and you will be a leader. Remember your fellow members are your customers and sales force—lead by example.

In LeTip, successful and valuable members are evidenced more by what they do than what they say. The success of your chapter equals your ultimate success in your business. Building your chapter to 30, 40, 50+ members will bring you the business you want. So start by dressing for success. Set an example, especially if you are a board member, and wear professional attire to every meeting. You will see amazing results as people respond to the example you set.

Rick Millham, Jr. is President of Millham Insurance in Doylestown, PA. Rick, a Gold Badge member, joined LeTip in 1997. He is Past President and a 10-year Board Member of LeTip of Doylestown. You can email Rick at