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Kim Marie's Book: A Networker's Guide to Engaging Table Displays

Jan 16, 2017 | Archive, Articles

At one time or another most business owners will be presented with the opportunity to set up a “vendor” table or booth. This can be an incredible way of letting a large number of people learn about your business, product or service. But it can also be a costly undertaking if not done right. You need to make sure that your table is engaging, on point, effective and will grow your business. A Networker’s Guide to Engaging Table Displays takes you through the steps of thinking through your target market, defining your objective, creating the actual display and most importantly, working your table. Your display should be interactive, interesting and visible enough to get people to take a closer look. But once they’re there you have to make that closer look worth their time using your own energy and vivaciousness! This book came about by seeing a need in the LeTip International organization and addressing that need.
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