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Tip of the Week – January 2, 2017

Mar 14, 2016 | Archive, Articles

Close more members with Escrow Tips:
Escrow TIPS are a great way to encourage guests to join.

When a guest or guests attend, think about how you can use
their services. Escrow Tips can only be one on one, not a third party tip.
You have to truly be ready to give your money for services rendered or product purchased. If someone attends that’s easy to Tip, such as a Florist, Auto Detailer, Massage Therapist, Dry Cleaner, Jeweler, etc.

Hold up an Escrow Tip during your commercial. Let them know
you have a Tip for that category (not the Person) if they join.
Sure, you may have to come out of pocket if they join, but what if
that person gives you the biggest referral of your life,
will it be worth securing them in your chapter? You bet.

Escrow Tips work. Don’t be the only one.
Whisper to each of your members to join in with an Escrow Tip.
You all could be locking up a valuable referral source for
yourself and others.

Have a great LeTip week!