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Tip of the Week – December 26, 2016

Feb 29, 2016 | Archive, Articles

Treat your weekly LeTip meeting just as you would any business appointment.

Of course things in life happen that may be out of our control.
But why would you give up your weekly meeting because a potential client wants to set an appointment at the time you meet with your other clients; your LeTip members? How many appointments do you set during the week? How many times do you cancel one appointment to make another appointment with someone else?

Your LeTip meeting should be treated like any other business appointment. Why is another potential client more important than the potential clients you’re meeting with at your LeTip meeting? When someone wants to set a time with you and it falls during your LeTip meeting, let them know:
“I already have something scheduled at that time,
but I’m available (insert time here)”.

Think about this, If your goal is to set 10 appointments a week, you really only have to set 9, because you already have a standing appointment with your trusted referral sources that expect you to keep your appointment with them.

I know if you treat your LeTip meeting like any other business appointment scheduled, you will be extremely successful in your chapter.

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