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Tip of the Week – December 7th, 2015

Dec 7, 2015 | Archive, Articles

As the holiday season is upon us, think about your entire chapter’s members and the services and products they provide.
Let’s be loyal to our chapter members, “our family”, and purchase their products and services for our clients, friends and family. Let’s purchase our holiday gifts from our fellow members and increase the economic impact of our chapters. Let’s use our sales force, and be loyal to our team!
Here are a few TOP categories that could easily be used as holiday gifts,or gift certificates:
• Gift certificates for member services
• Massage
• Skin Care Products
• Flowers
• Gift Baskets
• Jewelry
• Food products
• Photos / Videos
• Just to name a few…
If you do not have someone in each category above, let’s bring new members into our groups and grow our sales force and increase the dollars generated in our chapters.
From all of us at LeTip International, we wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year’s Season.