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Tip of the Week – November 10th, 2015

Nov 10, 2015 | Archive, Articles

ONLY if you want to make money!
How many guests attended your meeting within the past two weeks?
How many of you called the guests that day or the day after the meeting?
If you’re not calling every guest that attended, you’re losing out on the business they have for you!
Yes, that’s right…and that guests don’t even know they have it for you yet!
Who do THEY know you NEED to know and YOU will NEVER know unless YOU ASK!!!
It’s a warm call, you already met them. Spending a few minutes making a warm personal call can put more money in your pocket than you ever realized.
“Hello GUEST, I‘m Phil in the Blank. I met you yesterday at our LeTip meeting. I’m not sure if you remember me, I am the Blank member in the chapter. I just wanted to reach out to you and see what you thought about our meeting? How do you think this group could work out for you and YOUR business? Do you see the unlimited potential for new business? Well, we sure hope you can and that you decide to come back next week, so we can learn more about you and how we can refer our clients your way, I am always looking for a good (INSERT GUEST’S CATEGORY) and I don’t have anyone I can refer that business to right now”.
You can always add: “What are you doing later this week”? or “I’d like to get together for coffee and learn more about the type of business clients you’re looking for”.
This is a GOLDEN opportunity. You never know what business awaits you on the other end of the phone.
More times than not, we would hear on the other end of the line: “By the way, I’m glad you called”. What do you think that meant? It usually meant they have business for YOU, or a question about YOUR business. Many members have made a lot of money from guests that never even joined a chapter. Just because they made a simple, One Minute Personal Phone Call. A Warm Call that opens up a conversation that an Email never could.
Remember, Be Authentic, and Be Interested in their business.