Why Join LeTip?

Our people first, relationship driven business networking model will grow your business and your sales force

People First.

At LeTip, we are in the business of passing tips to grow each other’s business. To achieve this goal, our business leads networking group builds lasting, sustainable relationships between members. 

Structure & Accountability.

Each LeTip chapter is run like a business. Our structured weekly meeting is the engine that drives our success. Turning chapter members into an informed, engaged sales force requires weekly meetings.

Lasting Relationships.

Monthly visitations enable members of our business leads networking group to learn and share about each other’s business. In time, every chapter member becomes well versed on all the businesses in the chapters, giving them the knowledge to tip more intelligently.

Personal Growth.

By giving their own 30 second commercial during weekly meetings and 10 minute presentations on a rotating basis, members of our business leads networking group hone their public speaking skills and fine tune their brand messaging.

Harnessing Technology.

Access to LeTip Wired provides members with advanced tools to network with more power and pivot their business quickly as market conditions change.

No Outside Speakers.

Members take turns as our weekly speakers because in LeTip its all about our members’ business growth.

The 5 Reasons To Join LeTip

LeTip membership puts

“Dollars in your pocket!”™
LeTip members learn to be

better public speakers.
LeTip is a family and

members are loyal to one another.
LeTip members have a reliable source of

business professionals to recommend to clients, family, and friends.
LeTip most of all

provides Psychic Income, which is the great feeling you receive when you help others.

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