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Douglas Christian, LeTip International’s current company West Coast vice president attended his old LeTip chapter’s annual awards banquet. The current Chapter President, Dan Gordon, bestowed on Mr. Christian the 2016 All-Time Best President award. Mr. Gordon is the 15th chapter president who ultimately took over during Mr. Christian’s 5th...


16 Quick Tips To Become A Better Networker

POSTED February 24, 2017 | Articles

Six degrees of separation are allegedly all that stand between you and anyone on the planet.  Or, according to my father, “There are not six degrees of separation, there are two; you just have to think hard enough.” Like him, I’m a connector, and would agree that regardless of how...


7 Reasons To Join A Professional Community

POSTED January 30, 2017 | Articles

1. Support From Seasoned Peers One major advantage of belonging to LeTip is gaining access to professionals who have seen it all and have some great “war stories” to share. Not only do these mentors have great advice about their  proven best strategies, but these more experienced professionals also...


Member Spotlight – Steve Mass

POSTED January 30, 2017 | ArticlesMember Spotlight

Mortgage Loans 310-849-4764 | stevemass02@yahoo.com stearns.com I joined Stearns Lending, LLC in 2016 with over 10 years of experience in home financing. I believe that buying a home should be an exciting and fulfilling experience. I make it my goal with every borrower to deliver a smooth transaction that...


Ed Winkler – 20 Year Member!

POSTED January 27, 2017 | ArticlesNews

Ed Winkler began his involvement with LeTip in the Spring of 1997 as a two-year-old business with a small customer base in Portland, Oregon of 130 customers.  Twenty years later he oversees franchise operations in 21 territories spread out across seven states with over 3100 customers as the Franchisor and...

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