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LeTip of Idaho Falls, ID

POSTED January 21, 2019 | ArticlesFeatured Chapter

LeTip of Idaho Falls, ID was founded January 20th in 2004 which as of yesterday marks their 15th year anniversary as a LeTip Chapter. LeTip of Idaho Falls is currently the sole chapter in the state of Idaho with 17 members. Current Chapter President Jessica Baird has been with...


Steve Meleleu

POSTED January 21, 2019 | ArticlesMember Spotlight

Steve Meleleu currently serves as the Chapter President of LeTip of Dallas, TX and has held that position for the past year. The LeTip of Dallas chapter is the largest chapter in Texas and will be celebrating their 19th-year anniversary this year. He does his best to keep the...


LeTip Language: “Commitment”

POSTED January 7, 2019 | Kim Marie's Blog

When I am asked about what Commitment means within LeTip, I come up with two answers. The first is our long-standing members like Barbara Bertran who has been a LeTip member since 1981. I have only known Barbara since 2000, when she had already been a member for 19...


LeTip Language: “Accountability”

POSTED January 21, 2019 | Kim Marie's Blog

For this weeks Blog, I want to tie together LeTip’s Core Value of Accountability and last year’s theme for our Spring Board of Director Training sessions, which was Goal Setting. I’ve heard people say that Accountability is a punishment word, while others say it is about empowerment. These sound...


Heidi Reiner

POSTED January 7, 2019 | ArticlesMember Spotlight

Heidi Reiner is in the “Esthetician” category, and this month marks her first year anniversary as a member of the North Park chapter in San Diego. Heidi received her Aesthetician license from California Hair Design and Academy in 2003. Prior to establishing Dermalilly in 2010, she worked as a...


January 2019 Chapter Anniversaries

POSTED January 7, 2019 | AnniversariesArticles

In 2018 we celebrated many milestones. LeTip celebrated 40 years in business. Many chapters celebrated years of business also. This week we want to thank the chapters that have been with LeTip the longest. Our longest standing chapters, LeTip of La Jolla and LeTip of San Diego North both...

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