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LeTip Lunch Bunch & Happy Hour

POSTED November 2, 2020 | ArticlesFeatured Chapter

From Paul Della Valle, East Coast V.P. When the pandemic hit and we were locked inside, I wanted to continue having lunch with members as I did in person for years prior. When I invited a small group to come have lunch with me, the “Lunch Bunch” was born....


Member Spotlight: Rick Grabianowski

POSTED November 2, 2020 | ArticlesMember Spotlight

The Tale of LeTip and Rick Grabianowski (LeTip member since 2000) by Linda Anderson of Design Lab (LeTip of Reno member since October 1998) It didn’t take long for Rick Grabianowski to live, breathe, embrace, enjoy and conquer the concept of LeTip. As an extreme entrepreneur Rick is a...


Member Spotlight: Ken Mays

POSTED October 19, 2020 | ArticlesMember Spotlight

How I found my networking home Four years ago, Ruy Garcia-Zamor, the incoming president of the Howard County Maryland Chapter of LeTip , invited me to attend a LeTip meeting. I said I wasn’t interested. After 34 years running a website development and Internet Marketing business, I had travelled...


Member Anniversaries

POSTED October 19, 2020 | AnniversariesArticles

From September thru October 2020, we want to celebrate some special anniversaries of our members. We have one member celebrating 30 years with their LeTip Chapter, three members celebrating 25 years, and 40 members celebrating milestones from 10 – 20 years: Pat Hamilton, 30 years with LeTip LeTip of...


Treat Networking Like Part Of Your Job

POSTED October 19, 2020 | ArticlesKim Marie's Blog

This is an area that I cannot put enough emphasis on. Networking is Sales and Sales is Business. If you are going to be in business and think you don’t need to network, you are probably not going to make it. In some ways, I hope I’m preaching to...


LeTip of Las Vegas, NV

POSTED October 19, 2020 | ArticlesFeatured Chapter

The LeTip of Las Vegas, NV chapter has a portion of their members that fall under the category of high risk for COVID. Understandably, when COVID first hit there was resistance in doing Zoom meetings. However, as time passed, the chapter agreed that it was necessary to continue to...

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