LeTip Wired Updates

We are continually working to bring improvements and increased functionality to our members only website.
New features, changes, and fixes implemented into LeTip Wired will be displayed here on this page.
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(Descending Order)

Update Series Number Date of Announcement
Update #12 July 1st, 2020
Update #11 June 15th, 2020
Update #10 March 23rd, 2020
Update #9 March 16th, 2020
Update #8 February 11th, 2020
Update #7 December 23rd, 2019
Update #6 December 3rd, 2019
Update #5 October 7th, 2019
Update #4 September 16th, 2019
Update #3 September 3rd, 2019
Update #2 August 19th, 2019
Update #1 August 5th, 2019




Update #12 – July 1st, 2020


Our update this time around is small, but valuable!

1. Mobile app now has the value option in send a tip
2. When sending an inside Tip, the Tip now populates with each individuals information
3. Mobile app now shows the BANK codes on the roster and on Tips.



Update #11 – June 15th, 2020


Just a couple reminders of new features in Wired that you should be taking advantage of:

1. LeTipWired now tracks your B.A.N.K Code. See a video of Kim Marie to learn how B.A.N.K can help your chapter: Kim Marie Explains B.A.N.K.. Also see the Document Library – Why LeTip is Using BANK.doc. Go to www.mybankcode.com/letip to get your BANK code.
2. LeTip Wired and the Mobile App now have the Extended Network App. See a video of John Pokorney to see how the Extended Network can increase your chapters Outside Tipping: Wired Extended App Intro Video
3. Guest email responses. When you send a guest invitation through Wired, the email responses to it come directly to your personal email account.
4. Subscribe to the Wired Calendar. You can now subscribe to your Wired Calendar to add all of your Chapter Calendar onto your Outlook, Gmail or iOS calendar
5. Chapter Tips – you can now see all of the tips your chapter passes in Wired, which helps you prepare for your chapter meetings since we cannot pass tips around the table with today’s social distancing.
6. Board of Director Spring Training Seminar video is now available. All board members who were not able to attend a training session should watch. Find the video on LeTip Wired Document Library under Spring Board Training Sm
7. Remember to add your video to your profile. Videos are very important in Wired and the Extended Network App. See parts of our members commercials: LeTip Members Commercials



Update #10 – March 23rd, 2020


Over the past couple weeks, we have all experienced unprecedented changes in how our businesses are running. We have many chapters that are now meeting virtually on Zoom, GoTo Meeting or other web conferencing solutions. This enables chapters to continue to do as much business with each other as possible and maintain those important relationships so that when we come out of this timeframe, we can all continue to do as much as possible for each other personally and professionally.

To assist with these changes in your chapter meetings, we have made several changes to Wired:
1. Board members can add the Web Conference information onto the Chapter Calendar which enables members to find the information in one centralized location.
2. Once the web conference information is on the calendar, it is also included in any Guests Invitations sent from Wired.
3. Viewing of Chapter Tips has been added to the My Chapter menu for all members so that instead of passing tips around the table, member can view all chapter tips within Wired (prior to or during the Web Conference).
4. To ensure the privacy of some tips (for physicians, financial advisors, etc.), we have added a “This is a Private Tip” button to the Send Tip functionality within Wired. When a Private Tip is sent, only the Sender and Receiver information is shown to the entire chapter, not any of the details. (We will add the Private Tip function to our mobile app as soon as possible, but for now all Tips sent through the Mobile App will be normal tips.)
We are here to support our members and if you can think of other opportunities to improve LeTipWired during this timeframe of Social Distancing, please let us know by emailing jpokorney@letip.com.

We are also available to help with any of your normal chapter needs or assistance logging into LeTip Wired or the mobile app – call 1-800-255-3847 or email anytime.



Update #9 – March 16th, 2020


1. New Guest Invitation Email – a new format for guest emails has been created. You can see an example here.
2. When a guest accepts or declines an invitation, the inviting member and the membership chair for the chapter will now receive an email letting them know the response.
3. How to Buttons (?) have been placed around Wired to help with some areas. If you see areas that could benefit from new buttons, please let us know.
4. Applications which have been submitted by prospects are now downloadable by board members and Inspectors. This will help facilitate the Inspection process.
5. Chapter Fees can now be entered into Wired so that the fee schedule is shown on the Application. This can be entered by anyone on the Board.
6. Board Members now have access to edit members profiles to assist them with improvements. This should only be done with the members consent.
7. On LeTipWired, there is now a notification when Attendance has not been completed. Several chapters have been having problems with members not showing up on the attendance list when using the Wired Mobile App. This issue has been traced to members not updating the mobile app to the latest version. You should have version 3.1(30) on your phone.
8. Members can now pay with eCheck/eft.
9. Coming Soon – upload multiple documents at one time when loading documents into the Chapter Document Library.

We have a new Mobile App coming soon to members which we believe will help increase Outside Tipping! Keep an eye out for the announcement in April! It will be even more important to have your Profile Complete with picture, bio, company logo and video commercial!



Update #8 – February 11th, 2020


o Now compatible with Internet Explorer 11
o New area added to upload chapter fees to show on applications
o New applications now viewable in a clean PDF format by chapter admins (with credit card numbers blocked out for security)



Update #7 – December 23rd, 2019


o Category Search now allows search by letter and area
o Tip Masters can now edit incorrectly entered tips. Members can now enter a tip amount
o Search criteria now saves (aka “sticky” functionality) so the next time you return to a search, your most recent search will show up



Update #6 – December 3rd, 2019


o Renewal Calculator added



Update #5 – October 7th, 2019


More new features have rolled out for LeTip Wired:
o Mobile app – ability for board to change who the inviting member is
o Guest will now show up on attendance
o Toggle switch to choose to allow replies to Chapter Messaging



Update #4 – September 16th, 2019


The latest version of the LeTip Wired Mobile App has
several new features that we will describe here.
From the Main Screen
1) My Chapter Roster
2) Send A Tip
3) View Received Tips
4) View Sent Tips
5) Find a Member (Search)
6) Find a Chapter (Search)
7) Messages
8) Guests
9) Take Attendance
10) About LeTip

Changes to My Roster – The Board Members are at the top
of the roster and have a blue background to make it easier
to find them. All other members are in alphabetical order
by last name.

Changes to Send a Tip – This screen now defaults to your
chapter, but you can still find the entire network by
Tapping on the yellow area.

Changes to View Sent Tips – You can now print your
sent tips the same way you can print your received tips.

Send A Message – this is a totally new feature in the Wired Mobile
App. Members can send messages within the Wired system and
respond from either the App or LeTipWired.com. Messages can be set
to forward to your email or phone/text. These settings are in
LeTipWired.com Settings and Notifications.

There are two types of messages
that can be sent.
First is a message between
members (1 or more) that can be
responded to within the App or
Second is a notification message
sent by board members only to the
entire chapter that is a one way
message and cannot be responded
to (we hope this keeps “chats”
within a reasonable sized group of
people where you won’t have 50
people responding within your

Once you are on the message screen, your chapter members are
defaulted, but you can still reach anyone within LeTip by tapping the
yellow area.

Guests – This is a new functionality brought from letipwired.com into the
mobile app.
The first screen will show al of your chapter guests that have been
entered already.
Add New – this button in upper right corner will open a screen to add a
new guests.

When inviting a new guest, the basic information will always be required:
First and Last Name
Chapter Inviting to
Optional fields include
Company Name
Phone Number

There are options for how to invite a guest now.
1. Add a guest that came to today’s meeting by clicking the radio
button that says “Did guest already attend a meeting?”. You will be
asked to choose an event that they attended. Their attendance at this
event will be marked as Present in the Guest Report.

2. Choose to invite a guest to a future meeting by clicking
on the radio button next to “Invite to a future meeting (email
will be sent)”. This will send an invitation to the guest to a
future event. The email will be sent as if coming from the
Membership Chair of your chapter.

3. You also have the option of sending the guest an
application directly from the entry page by clicking on the
“Send Guest an Application” radio button. Applications can
also be sent from the Guest detail page if the guest has not
been sent an Application yet.



Update #3 – September 3rd, 2019


LeTip Wired Update – Two months after launch. An honest evaluation.

Before we talk about what updates are happening, a reminder to All Members. Introduce new members to the Wired functionality

What should a new member do when they get access to Wired?
I. Complete your profile including picture, bio and video. This will improve your introduction to your chapter and others in LeTip.
II. Set your notifications on the Settings and Notifications menu. This will guide how you receive Tips, Calendar Updates, and Messaging. Without setting this, you may miss out on important communication from your chapter (including Tips!).

The launch has gone well, but we recognize there have been some issues that needed or still need to be fixed. We are working with all members who provide us feedback to make sure we can make the Wired experience great.

The big changes that are coming soon.
On Thursday September 5th we will release an update to LeTipWired.com. On Sept 3rd we will submit an update to the Mobile App to Apple and Android for approval. This normally takes 3-5 days, so we don’t have an exact date when the App will update on your phone. If you have your phone settings to do automatic updates to your Apps when you are on WiFi, then the App will update automatically. If not, you will have to go to your Play Store or Apple Store to push the update to your phone.

Wired Messaging – We are adding multi-person messaging. There will be two use models. First, Board Members can send messages one way to all Chapter members like a notification system. Messages can be received in Wired, by email or by text. Chapters will need to make sure members know that they are using this and that all members are checking messages. The second use model is multi-person chat functionality. Members can send messages to multiple people within their chapter (example: Committee work where you want to retain the messages). These messages can be responded to in Wired and can be read on text or emails (you cannot respond to the text or the email).

Tip Masters – We have implemented a new way for you to receive a daily summary of Tips for your chapters by email. You need to go to the Settings and Notifications menu and choose to receive these emails. A daily summary of Tips for your chapter will come to you in emails. This helps you see all Tips, but doesn’t fill your inbox with multiple tips on the same day. Please provide feedback as you use this.

Additional New Functionality over the past two weeks
A. Guest Editing by Board members was added, making it easier to correct mistakes.
B. Board Member editing for position changes has been added.

Mobile App Updates –This revision that you have been requesting to the mobile App includes more functionality and a clean-up of the sorting of names. With all the additional features, you will notice some layout changes to the main menu.

• First, group messaging will be included within the Mobile App. You will be able to read and respond to messaging within the App, the same as within Wired.
• Second, improved attendance taking features with a “Set All Present” button to ease the process for larger chapters.
• Third, printing of Sent Tips – versus only received tips
• Fourth, reset my password from the login screen.

THE BIGGEST CHANGE for the mobile app will be inviting guests and sending applications through the mobile app. This will enable real-time invitations to go out as you speak with colleagues or clients that you want to invite.



Update #2 – August 19th, 2019


Mobile App Version 2.0

We continue to work to make improvements to Wired that you are requesting.
Here is a list of some of the items that have been updated in the last two weeks:
1. When you send a Tip, the text message now includes the entire Tip, not just a notification. If you want to receive Tip notifications through Text Message, go to your “Settings and Notifications” menu and check the SMS box.
2. The Webstore is now easier to find from LeTip Wired with its own menu item. The Webstore can also be found at www.letipwebstore.com
3. The list of members that you have sponsored is now visible to all members who search on you under your Roster or LeTip Network Search.
4. We are no longer sorting lists by first name. Lists for Tips and Rosters are sorted by last name. We know this was weird, just blame the CFO for not being normal.
5. Board members can now update the Board and Committee posistions.
6. The Area Reps now have improved access to better serve chapters.

Bugs that have been identified and are being worked on:
A. Attendance – members who have been resigned are still showing on some attendance lists. This is a priority for review by our development team.
Features that are in the works
I. Group messaging
II. Improved sorting and filtering of tables
III. Improved calendar features
IV. Improved online Application features for chapters

Mobile App – Thanks to those of you who supplied ideas in our Instagram Survey for what you wanted in the next updated version of the Mobile App. We are nearing final definition and hope to have an updated version launched by early September.

The Innovators within LeTip have added their videos into the system…time for the Early Adopters to start pumping up the numbers. Here is a hidden prize for those of you who have read this far. The first Chapter to have all of its members with Video loaded into Wired and notify John Pokorney at jpokorney@letip.com will win a $200 prize and be featured in Communicare. Chapters must be 16 members or more to be eligible. (Sorry to those of you just starting out. You should jump on board also. Video will help grow your chapter!)



Update #1 – August 5th, 2019


LeTipWired – 4 weeks into our new system: We launched the new LeTipWired on July 8th. We have made multiple version update releases since then and have plans for continuous improvements all the time. The system has been very stable, very fast and while not bug free, very easy for members to use. Members are providing us great feedback on what is still needed and what they love about the new features.

If you haven’t logged into the system yet, its time to do it now! Don’t wait!

The first thing everyone needs to do is make sure you have a great profile. Your profile is how other members across the country and outside leads will get to know you.
Start with a picture, your bio, and your company logo or a short intro into your company as the minimum requirements. Then, as you have time to add more, record a 30 second commercial, add your company hours of operation and your company social media feeds. (Chapter Board Members should be reminding all members to fill in their profiles at your next meeting.)
A great profile will introduce you to new members in your chapter, members across the city/country in other chapters and potential new leads from outside of LeTip through www.letip.com, where your profile is available to everyone who searches our website.

We will update this page and share it in each Communicare (twice a month) with updates on the new features within LeTipWired and the LeTipWired mobile app. We expect a large update coming at the end of August 2019. Have your own suggestions for new features? Call us at 1-800-255-3847 or email us today.

This past weekend we also deployed several more updates to Wired.
-Guests can now be added to a meeting in the past without sending an email to them.
-The guest attendance report now shows who invited the guest
-There is a section on he guest detail page to allow you to add notes on the guest
-Member sponsorship list is now on their detail page, viewable by all members.



We will continue updating this page. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 1-800-255-3847.