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The secret to networking in a competition free environment.

If you are looking to join a business networking group that embraces the essence of your business model, LeTip is the solution for you. With 744 unique business categories (and growing), we’ve got the perfect place for your business. One that enables you to build powerful strategic partnerships within your industry, as well as presenting you with the opportunity to pollinate your products and services to professionals in other industries.

Our unique, competition free networking model is based upon chapter members getting to know each other’s businesses, empowering them with the expertise to make higher quality referrals.

Meet Our Members

LeTip membership spans generations in business.

For many small to medium sized business, LeTip membership has become part of the family. As one generation passes on leadership to the next, continuing participation in LeTip remains an important component of the business model.

Al Mervin has been in LeTip for over two decades, and goes on to tell us about his company LJ Sales and his experience within LeTip:

“LeTip is the best place to build your business. My daughter, Lisa, who was a member of another chapter joined our chapter in January and she too has become active in the group. Networking with other business people is a great way to develop relationships and increase business.”

People First.

At LeTip, we are in the business of passing tips to grow each other’s business. To achieve this goal, our business leads networking group builds lasting, sustainable relationships between members. 

Structure & Accountability.

Each LeTip chapter is run like a business. Our structured weekly meeting is the engine that drives our success. Turning chapter members into an informed, engaged sales force requires weekly meetings.

Lasting Relationships.

Monthly visitations enable members of our business leads networking group to learn and share about each other’s business. In time, every chapter member becomes well versed on all the businesses in the chapters, giving them the knowledge to tip more intelligently.

Personal Growth.

By giving their own 30 second commercial during weekly meetings and 10 minute presentations on a rotating basis, members of our business leads networking group hone their public speaking skills and fine tune their brand messaging.

Harnessing Technology.

Access to LeTip Wired provides members with advanced tools to network with more power and pivot their business quickly as market conditions change.

No Outside Speakers.

Members take turns as our weekly speakers because in LeTip its all about our members’ business growth.

The 5 Reasons To Join LeTip

LeTip membership puts

“Dollars in your pocket!”™
LeTip members learn to be

better public speakers.
LeTip is a family and

members are loyal to one another.
LeTip members have a reliable source of

business professionals to recommend to clients, family, and friends.
LeTip most of all

provides Psychic Income, which is the great feeling you receive when you help others.

Find a Chapter

Begin your LeTip journey by searching for a chapter in your local networking group market, using the “Find A Chapter” feature on this page.  Or you can contact us by phone or email, and we will help you find the closest chapter to your business.

Reach out and Get Invited

Next, reach out to one of the local chapter officers to see if your business category is open in our local networking group.  If your category is open, you will be invited to attend two meetings. 


Attend Two Meetings

You can apply for membership in our local networing group at any time, but you will need to attend two consecutive meetings with the chapter prior to their voting on your membership.  An officer of the inviting chapter will email you the application.  Of course, you may already know a member of your local LeTip chapter who has been campaigning you to join.  In that case, an invitation and two meetings later and you’re ready to apply for membership.

Bond with the Chapter and Talk to the Membership Chair

Each chapter has a membership chair who can share with you the commitment that is expected from every LeTip member.  Since potential new members are voted in, it is important for you to bond with chapter members during your two visits, letting them know you are committed to the mission and goals of LeTip. 


Apply for Membership and Get Inspected

Before the vote, you will get a visit from the Chapter’s inspector who will learn more about your business and then report back to the chapter before the formal vote.

The Chapter will Vote on your Membership

Each chapter has a membership chair who can share with you the commitment that is expected from every LeTip member. Since potential new members are voted in, it is important for you to bond with chapter members during your two visits, letting them know you are committed to the mission and goals of LeTip.

Here are some questions frequently asked about joining:

Who can I call if I have more questions?

If you would like more info, please contact a LeTip representative in your area, or call our headquarters at (800)-255-3847.

How much does it cost to join?

The cost of a LeTip new membership is $440.00 USD for a US membership, or $440.00 USD (at current currency conversion rate) + HST for a Canadian membership, payable to LeTip International.

Annual membership renewal is lower than the initial membership fee and invoiced in your anniversary joining month. Chapters also charge a one time fee to own your seat in the chapter with $40 being the minimum for this charge.

When are my dues required to be paid?

Chapters usually collect their dues on a quarterly schedule. Each chapter’s Board of Directors establishes their fee schedule. There are NO paid chapter positions, LeTip chapters are not-for-profit groups and fees are based only on the actual chapter operating costs.

How much are chapter dues?

Chapter dues vary from chapter to chapter, and are used to fund chapter meetings, meals, business mixers and overhead expenses. These dues remain exclusively at the chapter level. Each chapter sets their own budget and monthly dues to cover expenses with a minimum of $40 per quarter.

How many votes are required for acceptance into the chapter?

It depends on the Chapter’s size. If the Chapter contains fewer than thirty members, then a minimum of three “NO” votes can permit the Chapter to deny membership. If there are more than thirty members, then a minimum of 10% of the membership (tallied from the beginning of the quarter) voting “NO” is required to permit the Chapter to deny membership.

What if my category is filled?

Since LeTip chapters accept only one representative for any profession, it is not unusual to find your category filled. There are two options: you can ask for a search in another chapter or you can spearhead the start of a new chapter. In either case, contact your area representative (or call LeTip International HQ directly at 800-255-3847). We’ll do everything we can to help you find a chapter.

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