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LeTip Language: “Excellence”

POSTED February 4, 2019 | blogs

LeTip Language: “Excellence” Performing above and beyond normal expectations while adhering to the highest standards. The best—without peer. Excellence can be achieved by an individual with great effort. Excellence can only be achieved in an organization through planning, action, measurement and feedback. LeTip set up the chapter processes for...


LeTip Language: “Accountability”

POSTED January 21, 2019 | blogs

For this weeks Blog, I want to tie together LeTip’s Core Value of Accountability and last year’s theme for our Spring Board of Director Training sessions, which was Goal Setting. I’ve heard people say that Accountability is a punishment word, while others say it is about empowerment. These sound...


LeTip Language: “Commitment”

POSTED January 7, 2019 | blogs

When I am asked about what Commitment means within LeTip, I come up with two answers. The first is our long-standing members like Barbara Bertran who has been a LeTip member since 1981. I have only known Barbara since 2000, when she had already been a member for 19...


LeTip Language: “Passion”

POSTED December 13, 2018 | blogs

For those of you who have met me, you know I’m full of passion for LeTip. I began my LeTip adventure as a member in the Banker category. Before long, my enthusiasm caught the attention of LeTip’s founder, Ken Peterson. Ken invited me to the corporate offices in San...


LeTip Language: “Loyalty”

POSTED December 3, 2018 | blogs

Is Loyalty a two-way street? I don’t think so. Loyalty at its core has to be based on something other than mutual agreement or benefit. If someone is not loyal to me, should I stop being loyal to them? If so, I don’t think I have the definition of...


LeTip Language: “Integrity”

POSTED November 16, 2018 | blogs

Words matter. Meanings matter. Understanding Matters. Let’s get to know the language of LeTip. My blog is changing for the next year to focus our discussion on the words that we use in our relationships within LeTip; the LeTip Language. I hope to start a conversation with you and...

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