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The New Normal or the New Abnormal?

POSTED August 17, 2020 | blogs

Today I want to give you a set of tools that you can use to help your chapter thrive during these difficult times. First and foremost, the best tool to use during this timeframe is your LeTip Peers. You have access to some of the best networking minds in...


Top 5 Ways We Reach You

POSTED August 3, 2020 | blogs

Our team at LeTip HQ works diligently week to week to gather and provide relevant communications to our members and prospects. We are focused on providing valuable member communications and wish to share this with you. We understand that sometimes our communications get missed. Often this is due to...


The last couple months have brought a new perspective to our LeTip families. We have moved 90% of our meetings to the virtual world of Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Join.me or Google Hangouts. As we started this process in February and March, we all anticipated a few weeks or maybe...


Strategic Planning for YOUR LeTip Membership

POSTED June 1, 2020 | blogs

Why pay more? Each year your LeTip membership Renewal Dues are designed to increase incrementally with rising business costs. But there is a solution! As of Wednesday January 1st 2020 LeTip International instituted a new LOCK on increasing renewal dues. Every 12 month period from your renewal date if...


This week’s blog covers a very important update to LeTip Wired. Today we will update LeTip Wired, the mobile app and add a new function to tipping, called the Extended Network. These features should all be available at 4:30EST/1:30PST. First a few features that are in the updated LeTipWired....


How Can I Get Your Business?

POSTED April 17, 2020 | blogs

“How can I get your business?” That is a loaded question in today’s world being ravaged by Covid-19. It is, however, an essential question now and when things return to normal. What do you do? What does it look like? Why is it even important? So, let’s start on...

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