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How Contests Drive Growth

POSTED December 16, 2019 | blogs

Contests have always been a part of the LeTip organization whether it be from corporate or a chapter contest. Why do we have contests? What is the value? How can it help chapters grow or increase tipping because that is what we want, right? We all want more members...


What Makes a Great President?

POSTED December 2, 2019 | blogs

What makes a great President? The bigger, better and stronger chapters are led by great leadership. What makes a great president is knowing what the job really entails. Sure, you could go to LeTip Wired under documents, and download the duties of the president, but what’s the real duty...


Changes in Social Media 2019

POSTED November 18, 2019 | blogs

With LeTip and networking, social media is more relevant than ever in 2019. Companies which range from gargantuan multinational corporations to tiny mom-and-pop local retail shops are utilizing online social networks to gain prospects and engage with current customers. Some of it is tried and true, proven, and very...


The Value of Power Events

POSTED November 4, 2019 | blogs

“We have talked about Power Events and most of our members are not familiar with ever having seen one or been involved so let’s talk about what Power Events do for a chapter, a community and marketing to help grow chapters. In the past we have held half day...


Small Business Saturday 2019

POSTED October 18, 2019 | blogs

LeTip is all about Small Business! For almost 42 years, LeTip has been teaming with Small Business Owners to find ways to promote Small Business growth. We say “It’s great to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Be in business with LeTip!” In 2010, American Express...


Attitude & Gratitude

POSTED September 16, 2019 | blogs

What type of attitude does a LeTip member have when we see them tremendously successful? What does success mean to anyone in LeTip? Is it the number of tips passed, the number received or the dollar amount that member is putting in their pocket every week? I believe the...

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